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adam thomas

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Soooo….. not one to let the grass grow under my feet I’ve booked a track day! Donington for June the 1st with @Beany and @R27WTF
Car didn’t/doesn’t fetch much interest at the advertised price and I won’t rip the arse out of it and sell it cheap, so off we go again.
Not disappointed that she’s still here. Hurts the ego a bit that only people interested are those that want to swap their corsa and other assorted shitboxes for my “sick” motor:tearsofjoy:

Onwards and upwards
That's so annoying. But on another note , would you swap it for my 125 ped and a ps3 ?

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Big Ben

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Cadwell Park 4/08/22
Cracking day at Cadwell. Loads of mk3 Clios all looking rather splendid in the sunshine.
I’m not good with the long posts and plenty of others on here are likely to chip in with some decent content so I’ll keep it short.

Car shat it’s gearbox late in the afternoon sadly. Has been making a few noises tbf but it’s buggered now lol. 4th went missing on circuit and couldn’t engage first when back in pits. Was a diabolical 3hr journey home not aided by second becoming a pig to get in as well. Bit of saving up to do before I get her fixed. I’ll update when I have a plan of attack