Bedford Autodrome 07-06-21 - Javelin Trackday REPORT


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Had a fun day out at Bedford yesterday with Javelin doing the GT circuit which is an amalgamation of all four of the venues usual North, South, East, West tracks (I think) which they use on the PalmerSport driving experience days. Weather was perfect and there were lots of great people and awesome cars. Quite a few Clios; saw a couple of 200s, lots of 182 and 172s. I think I was the only 197. Got chatting to a lad named Rob in a white 200 and his mate Ryan in an Astra VXR. They were kind enough to let me stash my junk in their garage. I thought I'd be able to just dump my shit in a pile like at the jumble sale that is Blyton, but apparently they don't like that at Bedford.

The GT circuit is good and challenging. It's quite long, I think somewhere between 3-4 miles, but being an old airfield site its as flat as a pancake. It has some good high speed chicanes and some long straights. I can also highly recommend the sausage sandwiches served during check-in.

Video here if anyone's interested.