Attempting to improve the Gear shift


Sometimes really struggling to get the 197 in gear from cold and am finding gearchanges in all gears now particularly notchy especially on the way up. I dont get any crunch or sound just a a bit difficult especially when the car is hot or driven spiritedly. Have read on here that its worth changing the gearbox oil and clutch slave cylinder oil to improve this. Figure that its a 6 year old car and unlikely to ever have been changed...

Just wanted to ask how much I would need of each and any recomendations while doing the job.

Fuchs TITAN SINTOFLUID SAE 75W-80 synthetic - Thinking 2 litres?

Image not available Photos not available for this variation Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid Long Life Fully Synthetic - Thinking 1 litre?

Any advice most welcomed.


Would be interested in outcome of this as my gearbox has suddenly become a nightmare in the last week, is ok at slow speed but any spirited driving and its like a bag of winkles. Not overly happy as had a new gearbox and clutch about 14 months ago :-(


i just recently had mine gearbox oil done..after a long and exhausting research ive ordered 2 litres of RED LINE oil..u never know till u try but my gearbox feels much more positive and confident after this change..never had any major troubles,just so u know,but i can tell the difference( to better)..had my slave cylinder bled as well.the clutch feels better..its definitely worth doing..if it doesnt help,well,then its time to get a new gearbox:bye2:
Spot on next day delivery from [MENTION=205]oilman[/MENTION]

Doing the job this weekend... will advise if its been worth it.


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You don't need 2l of brake fluid! 1l is more than enough to do the clutch and all 4 wheels! Could have saved a few quid there really.
Took the car saturday to Two Techs in Dartford.

Gotta say the difference is amazing and am extremely pleased with it now. Selecting any gear now on the down shift is just so easy and as it bl00dy should be!

Significant difference for a small outlay - would thoroughly recomend it.

1.5 litres of brake fluid was used in total which included washing out the old/original burnt sludge.

good to hear! i got 4 bottles knowing i could possibly have one leftover but its better to have too much than not enough!

what do you think of Two Techs? I wont be taking mine anywhere else for work now, even if it is an hours drive away!
Yeah Terrys a nice bloke and knew his stuff. Defo will use him again.

Lol - went home with the toilet door key - Doh - had to post.


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Hi Fishboy

I had my gearbox replaced under warrenty 1 month ago along with a new clutch and slave cylnider , it was notchy before the change and is still notchy now, I'm not a happy bunny. Renault seem to think it's fine. But I really don't as my old 197 was way smoother.

I've had enough so think I might visit this place to have the slave bleed, I tried getting Ktec to do this when I went for a service but they basically didn't want to do it as it is apparently a difficult job. I like Ktec but they lost some of my respect that day. :/

How many hours did it take them to do the work as I'm in Wokingham so Dartford is not that close to me and I would have to wait while the work was being done????
I was in and out in two hours and that was doing the gearbox and the clutch slave cylinder. The clutch is apparently uses the same servo as the brakes so technically its just a brake bleed. Took him two hours but that included the really tough brake nipples to undo. Says hes done the job many times and a lot of 197 boys have comented on a noticable difference.

Thouroughly recomend Terry at Two Techs. Nice bloke. There is a waiting room, didnt spend too much time in there mind as I took my 3 year old to the park down the road while it was being done.

Took the car out last night and the difference is quite considerable. Love it! Hope it works for you to.


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Thanks alot mate, appreciate the help, I'm gonna book it in. :smile: I'll report back after it it done