Any good deals out there? (New cars)

So as most of you know, the KA was in a crash and it has now been written off.

Good and bad news, as it was starting to play up anyways, but got a wedding to pay for, so bad timing haha.

Anyways... anyone seen any decent leasing/PCP deals about?
Something nice and comfy and luxurious for the mrs. So please no Skoda’s or Kia’s haha

She wants a Merc GLC, but the deals aren’t great on them at the moment.

I want a 520d M-Sport, think they’re gangster looking cars and some great deals out there! But she ‘doesn’t like BMW’s’.... terrible generalisation!

Preferably something SUV, as she wants a bigger car. But anything that’s not an estate would be worth looking at if the deals right.