I'm not sure if I've got a battery or alternator issue until I get to have a look tomorrow with a volt meter and clamp meter

Tonight it flashed up battery low with Stop, then after a few miles of dropping my mate home it had cleared.

Hopefully it's just the battery but if it's the alternator can anyone tell me what the amps output of the oem unit is? 90, 120 or 140 amps?

Also who makes the oem version, just incase I can find it on autodoc.

2007 Clio 197 alternator the new Renault part numbers might have changed through the years.

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Thanks, that's ideal.

I had 12.25 on the battery after the car sitting for 10hrs and 14.8-15 coming out of the alternator on start up. So that's although odd.

I'm going to bring my clamp meter home and just check the amps this weekend and the connections.

I'd expect the voltage output to be down if the amps were down though. Maybe the alternator is just starting to play up and it's intermittent as it's not done it since. I also need to check the tension on the belt as I've just had all that replaced.
I might be wrong but isn't 14.8-15v on the high side? Should be seeing around 14.4? No idea if this has any bearing on your issue but I had a megane 225 alternator regulator that was faulty and was putting out 15+v and fried the battery.
Standard is 15V ± 0.5, check the connections but it is normally pointing to the regulator on the way out which is cheaper fix than a replacement if you want to try that first 'F00M144131'
Thanks Liam, that's great I'll definitely try that.

The other thing I've noticed is rain water runs down the win and its running down by the engine mount so I'm wondering if the belt is getting wet and slipping. Because it's happened in the first few mins of driving twice, in rain, then it's cleared itself.
Would the charging voltage be the same on a LiFePO4 battery? My alternator is reading 13.9-14.2V when charging the LiFePO4 battery.