Air con condenser


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Hi everyone

I hope you are all doing well!

I want to replace the condenser on my 06 197 but only option seems to be eBay.

Does anyone have any parts recommendations if they have done it?



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Are you talking about the aircon radiator, I changed both rads on the 172 the both rads bolted together and I found the Nissens radiator very good as other people were saying that other makes did not have the mounts for doing so and the Nissens did have the brackets and cage nuts fitted. The Nissens were at the time half the price of genuine rads which Renault UK did not have in stock the only thing I have to say is the aircon condenser bottle I swapped over but fitted the wrong way round which stopped the gas refilling the system so keep an eye on which why round taking it off the old one. One thing I have to say is look for any holes in the system mine failed because the plastic air blocking panel had rubbed a hole between the fins where it clipped on. I only did the work as I found the zigzag fins were crumbling in the water rad so decided to change both rads at the same time. I think at the time the aircon rad was £70 as its the same and all mk2 Clio's and the water rad was around £80 the only other thing to do is get genuine aircon seal kit it's like £20 or so the seals are special material and no point replacing the aircon stuff without new seals or the gas will escape.


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Thanks mate, Niseen is one of the males I can see.

I’m going to change it when I have the meglio conversion done as you say because I’ll upgrade the standard radiator.

Thanks for the point about the seals!
I fitted a nissens condenser to my 197, had no issues.
Got it gassed by Kwik fit for £50 as they're easy to go back to if there's any issues.