200 Cup, track focused rebuild! Rods & Pistons?


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So after the latest lockdown announcement and the booked trackdays being cancelled I've decided just to do the engine build properly, now there's no rush. Rather than rebuild my engine and having bits everywhere I've managed to find a cheap used engine then just swap and sell mine.
Stil gathering info but so far the spec will be -

11-1 CR or 10.5/6-1 CR, JE or Wossner pistons 83mm overbore? Mixed thoughts at the moment, will hopefully speak to Efi this week to finalise.
Maxpeed rods
3 degree valve seats / ported head / matched lower inlet
Balance crank, rods, flywheel etc etc
ACL race shells throughout
ARP head stud kit
ARP big end bolts
Cometic head gasket - thickness depending on CR
All OE gaskets / oil pump / oil pump drive kit
105mm charger pulley?
Possible charger shaft / impeller upgrade from UK Supercharger Repairs if it's been finalised before the builds finished.
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I think your problem with the Supercharger blades was weld splatter etc. in your pipework and intercooler during assembly it's a thing we have to be careful with when modifying and running new fuel tanks on race bikes especially Isle of Man TT where the fuel tank we take a standard 17.5 liters tank to the max 24 liters as it takes about 11 - 12 liters a lap and the standard tank silhouette can not be changed. I would find someone that can power flush the intakes before going again and because of the induction a foam air filter being exposed may not be enough to stop foreign objects being sucked through.
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I did think that about the foam yes, Im going to run a fan on the front of the rad as the old ones knackered anyway and relocate the filter higher up. How would weld splatter make its way back through the charger?


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Relocating the battery behind the driver's seat is a bit of a nightmare with the under bonnet fuses so decided to cut it out completely and use more conventional fuses and make a carbon plate to cover the gearbox mount. And getting the ally parts ready for some clear coat after sandblasting last night!!View attachment 142709View attachment 142710View attachment 142711View attachment 142712View attachment 142713View attachment 142714
thats a real neat solution you've done there ,where did you get the fuse box from if you don't mind me asking .
cheers paul