197 Track car



Hi all!
Im thinking about getting a 197 as a track car. Thinking of getting a damaged 1, Stripping it all out, putting a cage in, modding the engine, and other bits. Whats everybodies thoughts about this? Basically i wanna do a Kevo :lol:


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If your budget cant stretch to a 197 track car, I would go for a 172 Cup. Can get them for peanuts now. I had started looking for a 172 Cup, but then the prospect of losing my job shelved that idea :roll: , maybe in a couple of years
Have to be honest it does make more sense to do a 172 Cup track car instead of a 197. 197 looks better though, lol


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197 has better handling and a little bit of more power but it is heavier than the 172.

But in the end IMHO 197 is a better choice.