197 clio, little help with steering "clunk" excessive noise when turning lock to lock.

Antti O

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Just bought 197 ultra red. Car runs well and drives straight.
When car is not moving but engine is running, and you turn steering from lock to lock it makes "clonk/bump" sound and i can feel it in steering wheel. It feels like a notchy and then it gives "bump" and car shakes, after that i can turn steering normally.
First thoughts was front shock top mount seized or broken, is that typical fault? There is also little play in somewhere (balljoints, steering rod ends maybe). Not bad.
But that thing when car is parked and you turn steering is bad. Maybe cannot pass mot check.

What do you think about it. i can take video tomorrow about it.


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Steering racks are pretty notorious for playing-up on these cars. There's plenty of topics here about it if you use the search facility :smile:

I take it nothing showed up on the test drive before you bought it ?
It could well be the bearings in top mounts. Does it sound like
The spring is settling into place every time you turn.

Antti O

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That was my fault in test drive because i didnt drive circles and test that steering in low speeds enough. When you drive i say 10-15kmh there is no any problems. You can hear and feel it only when car is stopped and you turn steering..
One of my mechanic friend look it and said that he suspects top mounts. But what i look those front hub pictures does that shock turn around at all in clio 197? I will take a video..

Antti O

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Unfortunately i cant edit my posts, but i am just thinking because of that hub system does that shock top mount even turn? In normal mcpherson struts systems it does turn around when you turn steering, but how about clio 197? That problem only exists when i turn steering car not moving or in really little speed.

Antti O

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This problem still exists.
When i rotate steering from lock to lock it gives some "thumb noises", and the whole car shakes when you can hear that bump, i can feel it in steering wheel too. Is it possibility that fault is in universal joint?

If this would be some another car with standard mcpherson front suspension, i would say it is like shock top mount bearing fault. It feels exactly same.
But in clio 197 shock is not rotating when you turn steering.
Only rotating parts are steering axle+power steering motor, universal joint and steering rack+hubs/ball joints.

Any good ideas or help?
Car is good to drive, no problems. I feel that colder the weather less i feel that notchiness when turning and parking. When tempeature is +2 celsius or so it is worse than -10celsius.