197/200 Daily Driver, am I an idiot?

Morning all,

I currently have a 2015 Peugeot 308 GT180 Auto as my daily, it's a 2.0 diesel that happily does 55mpg with lane keep assist and collision avoidance, I cover about 12k a year commuting to and from work and it's great, comfortable, practicle, spacious and reliable.

However, there is an itch I just can't scratch, but I'm pretty sure I could scratch it with a 197/200 RS! I don't really need the comfortable, practicle or spacious parts anymore as the wife's car now does the important jobs of ferrying the kids and shopping around so I need a car, just for me, to commute in.

With the market as it is right now, I could get around 7k for my car meaning I'd be looking at a 200 RS 2009-2011 with 60-70k miles, I could maybe stretch a bit and go for a cup as well. There's a Renaultsport specialist literally on my way to work so all servicing (I assume yearly with 12k a year?) would be carried out by them.

Would I be a complete fool in thinking that this would be a good idea? And is there anyone out there that runs a 197 or 200 for a daily covering 10k+ miles?

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I have a 197 and has been my daily driver for 4.5 years (doing 20k miles a year before COVID, now working from home).

Yep service of oil etc is 12k miles, so would work out fine. Just make sure belts have been done or have enough off to get them done.

It's not the most comfortable, your 308 GT180 will be way better as a daily, better MPG (I average about 36mpg going to and from work, it's nearly all motorway, this drops loads more when in traffic etc), space wise most hatchbacks of that size I find them to be all alike, back seats down and loads of space.

It does have keyless entry, auto headlights and wipers etc if you go for a non-Cup (a real factory Cup car, not a cup-packed one), but it will not have the stuff your current 308 has. Also with your 308 being turbo it will "feel" quicker because of the torque, which of course the NA Clio needs to be revved out to make pace.

But they handle sooo good out the box, they look special too.

Test drive a non-Cup packed car and a cup-packed car, as their suspension is quite different, I had an R27 (they come with cup pack as standard) and I found it way too stiff, so my current 197 has Eibach Springs on non-cup dampers and it's much better, find what works for you before you commit.
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I ran mine as a daily for nearly 4 years, around 8-10k a year. General servicing and maintenance wasn't too expensive, just make sure you put decent oil in and you should be fine. It won't be as civilised as your Peugeot and the aircon will probably pack up at some point BUT it never occurred to me to sell the Clio and buy something sensible until I started tracking it, then I bought a more civilised daily and kept the Clio as a weekend/track toy.

There's no reason you couldn't run a 197/200 as a daily, I loved using mine every day and kinda wish I used it more for the work run, but it's a dull road so I'm not missing much. As Suj says, Eibach springs are a really good choice and I've only just taken a set off mine to go for a more track focused setup.
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As said don't expect 55mpg, nor great comfort nor reliability :tearsofjoy: Read the buyers guide here as a good 197/200 always needs some TLC, I've used mine a a daily for 6 years and it's ok but I only do <6k a year.
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I don’t drive my 200 as a daily driver partly because I share the car. It is fun to drive to work down the backroads. But, as mine is a Cup with no cruise control or air conditioning I would prefer a car with a few luxuries if I was driving it every day.

If you really want to scratch that itch, and your other half drives the family wagon, then get a Clio and try it out. Used car prices are mental at the minute and I doubt you would lose money if you decided to sell it within a few months if it was not suitable for you.
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I've been driving a 197 as a daily for around 10 years now. I was thinking about a second car as the miles were creeping up and would've liked to kept it as a weekend and holiday car, which honestly it's more suited for. That being said, 10 years down the line with an average 10 mile round trip commute and lots of miles driving to national parks it's been a pleasure. There's been the odd time where on shitty road surfaces after a long day it can feel a bit abusive (cup pack) but overall it's a quite forgiving daily for how raw it truly is.

If you already have a comfy family car you can use and you're looking for a hot hatch, you won't find better for your budget. If you want the best of both worlds then the obvious choice is a Golf GTI but when you're driving on a twisty road you'd want to be in the RS every time.


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There are many dull cars out there, the Clio is not one of them. However, if your commute is dull, then it will of course make the car feel less than what it is and then the toys, which the latest cars are loaded with, become more important, as does MPG, which you will cut in half. Also I would suggest that if you plan to get excitement on bumpy back B roads, then a non Cup car would actually be faster and more enjoyable as you won't be hanging on to it hoping the next bump doesn't fire you into a ditch. The build quality is also even more French than your Peugeot so be prepared. However, no reason what so ever that they can not be a daily car. Mine had done 105K by it's first MOT.
From Sydney Australia, we've had our R27 for 10 years. It was firm to begin with, but my wife and I got used to it. It's a great daily driver for work, and for country blasts on the weekend. It's now got 230,000km on the clock. It still goes hard when I want to. But nothing lasts forever. Things will wear. Slave cylinder went and engine mounts and shocks. All replaced. Nothing done to engine and exhausts. Keep it stock. No probs with synchros yet. I've been using xado oil and gear box additives in all my cars for last 12 years. Maybe it helps. Great daily car. Wife and I take turns driving it to work. As we enjoy it so much. Now my son who just got his licence wants to keep driving it! It's an old school rorty sounding car. Don't get it if not a real car enthusiast. It has loads of character. It's only 1 of 40 in Australia so I will be hanging onto it. No regrets having it. Shane.