1. Alex197UK

    Front Splitter and side skirts

    Hi, I was wondering where I could buy a front splitter and side skirts for my mk3 2008 197, I’ve seen them on ktec but I was wondering if anyone else knew any good places, cheers :)
  2. S

    Clio 200 front splitter??

    hey guys, was wondering where I could purchase a decent front splitter from for my 200? Cheers!
  3. Steve4130

    Front splitter?

    I've just bought a black 197 but it didn't have the strip on the bottom of the front bumper. I don't want an after market sports job, just after a standard looking one. Any ideas?
  4. Danmar_castle

    Front splitter help?

    I'm after a front splitter for clio 197 I love the Renault "carbon" one but is a bit far out of my price range is the any good alternatives or anyone know of a second hand splitter?
  5. M

    Front end splitter. Help!

    Looking to get a front end splitter for my 197. But nothing I've seen so far is really catching my eye. Could any of show me what you've done to see if I can get an idea of what I want. Thanks