1. N

    Rear Speakers Renault Clio 2 2001

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 2 2001. It has 2 5.25 speakers in each door and 2 tweeters on each side of the dashboard. It is a 3 door version. I want to replace the front factory speakers and put 2 speakers on the back seats. It has the factory radio. I have changed successfully the speakers at...
  2. JWrs

    New owner saying hello and looking for advice.

    Thought I'd say hello and show off the new car. Looking for some advice about speakers too because stock is so bad I'd rather not listen at all. Is there touch up paint or something for white alloys? One of the only things I'd say it needs doing really. That and the speakers! 13cm...
  3. J

    197 Speakers & Stereo

    Hi Lads, I am looking to replace the standard speakers and stereo in my 197 this weekend but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? Also are the speakers 13cm in front and back usually? Not sure about a subwoofer but if anyone has any recommendations or can advise on what they have...
  4. C

    Parcel Shelf 18mm Acoustically Stable MDF with Vide Slick 6x9 speakers

    Hi I have a Bespoke 18mm MDF Parcel shelf - completely covered on both sides with mid grey Acoustic fabric that matches the car trim perfectly. Shelf equipped with 3 way s69.3 6x9 speakers. It is connected to a removable speaker plug that connects all cables in one go. It also has the correct...
  5. Hamad

    Which Speakers and Head unit

    Good evening Guys i want to upgrade all of my audio system as i got sick of whats i have, but since I'm in a country where nobody knows anything about clio I'm gunna have to do everything by my self so I'm looking for something easy to install plus i need the steering controller which i...
  6. Jonny_197

    Replacing tweeters

    Ive had the tweeter surrounds off the dash and it looks like the only way to replace the speakers is to force them out of the casing, any ideas on the best way to replace them guys?