1. T

    ATech seats?

    Does anyone have any experience / knowledge of ATech seats? I’m looking for some buckets for my 197 which will be used mainly as a track car and a set of these have come up: But I’ve never heard of ATech before. They are FIA approved apparently...
  2. Alex Ford

    Recommended interior bits

    I'm after a few bits and after recommendations. All for a MK3 200, I'm after... .2x seat covers for yellow dot Recaro's .Wind deflectors . two front mats preferably rubber Trying too look on a mobile is useless for ebay etc etc. If anybody has any recommendations for websites where to find all...
  3. W

    Corbeau or Cobra?

    I know that the Corbeau Clubsport seats are favoured by a lot on here, and offer fantastic value for money. However just as I was about to push the button and order a pair from GSM, I noticed they sell Cobra Monaco Pro seats for around the same price. When comparing spec's the Cobra comes out...
  4. LukeBridge

    197: Recaro seats advice :)

    Hi there, I'm looking to purchase a 197 with Recaro buckets seats. A few people have said it will be a lot cheaper to buy a car with the Recaro seats already fitted. I'm just wondering which spec Clio comes with the Recaro bucket seats. Many thanks Luke