1. jasonlovesfrench

    Winter bimble 200

  2. Alex Ford

    Recommended interior bits

    I'm after a few bits and after recommendations. All for a MK3 200, I'm after... .2x seat covers for yellow dot Recaro's .Wind deflectors . two front mats preferably rubber Trying too look on a mobile is useless for ebay etc etc. If anybody has any recommendations for websites where to find all...
  3. S


    Does anyone Know why my car doesnt show the Outside temperature? every other clio exept mine does, also, my cigarette lighter Works a little bit but not fully, when i move the plug it looses connection, any idea why this might be? Cheers Sam
  4. TG200CUP

    Built in touch screen in dash? Anybody done it?

    has anyone fitted a built in touchscreen in the dashboard? thinking about doing a double din android system in the centre console and trying to hook up the aircon and heating setting to the touchscreen through an app.. heard of people that have done it in older cars but never in a renault or a...
  5. Danmar_castle

    Steering wheel

    Saw this steering wheel and other great goodies in side anyone know where the beautiful thing is from assuming Europe somewhere?
  6. Winnie

    Coloured Seat Belts

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to change the look of my interior and continue the yellow and blue theme I have going on with my 197. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get replacement yellow seat belts or get my standard silver ones dyed? I don't have the Recaro seats so harnesses aren't an option...
  7. Fletch_uk

    Interior Rear Light Problem

    Hi guys, Yesterday I noticed that my rear interior lights weren't working. Bad bulbs I assumed, so replaced them but they are still out. I assume it is not the fuse because all my other interior lights work and would have thought they would all run under one fuse? Done a search but...
  8. W

    Removing interior trim?

    I'm trying to remove the plastic from around the centre console, vents and the three strips in my 197 to respray them. What is best to get them out? - I have tried prizing the corner, but I don't want to force it if there is something that needs unscrewing! Cheers
  9. eightball103

    Request for pictures: Interior shots

    Hey peeps, Been wondering what choices people make with their interiors when they get their clio. How about posting some pictures of your (cars) insides, along with style options you picked or bought the car with. I thought it would just be good to have a reference of what...
  10. Jonny_197

    Passenger Recaro Seat 197 cup

    Hi guys and gals, just picked up my 197 cup yesterday and the old man came with me to collect. the drivers side seat is lowerable (if thats even a word) but the passenger side cannot be lowered. Is this standard with all recaro's or can the frame be modified to lower the seat? Thanks