front bumper

  1. W

    Smoothed Front Bumper?

    Seen a 197 advertised for sale on the Clio Sport Owners with a smoothed front bumper. Has anyone else done this or know if it is a big job to do? Purely cosmetic, but as a track day car with no plates, I cant help but think it would improve the look of the front end... aside from the obvious...
  2. Steve4130

    Front splitter?

    I've just bought a black 197 but it didn't have the strip on the bottom of the front bumper. I don't want an after market sports job, just after a standard looking one. Any ideas?
  3. S

    Looking for new 197 front bumper

    Hi, I am looking at buying a new front bumper for my 197. Some prick drove into it and then drove off whilst it was parked. Need a whole new one and headlight. Anyone know where's the best place to pick one up? Car is Nimbus grey Cheers