cv boot

  1. R

    Emissions Light & exploded CV boot

    Hi All Sorry for opening another "Check emissions light" thread and my apologies if I post it in the wrong thread, but I am newbie and not sure where to post. I drive a Clio 3 2012 yahoo model, but in EU terms it is actually just the Clio 3 2011/2012 facelift phase 2 model 1.6. My question...
  2. Shortass12321

    Wheel side CV Boot

    Sooo after cleaning my wheels up today, i noticed a hell of allot of thick nasty grease on the inside of my wheel. Removing it, i could see the CV boot had a hole in it. Checking on ebay i can see they aren't that expensive to replace £10 - £12 for the part. Question is, how easy are they to...