1. T

    Py24w Clear Indicator Bulbs 200t

    Bought some Philips silver vision from powerbulbs using they're own search engine and turns out the py21w that arrived aren't correct. Lesson learned. However I'm shocked to see the actual py24w required are £30 PER BULB! What gives? Is there there anywhere I can get rid of the orange look for...
  2. M

    New To This! Best Bulbs For My 200? Rear Lights?

    Hi boys and girls, I am new to the Renault sport scene, and on here, so hi :) Just picked up my white 200 the other day and I love everything about it, except the poor lights at night... I live out the way and it is a real pain trying to see things. I don't know if it is just me, but what would...
  3. jaxx

    200 Bulbs

    Can anyone give me a heads up on what bulbs the 200 uses for dipped, main beam and the front fogs? Cheers :)