brake disc

  1. J

    200: Brake Fluid suggestions for track use

    Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions for a good quality brake fluid for my Clio 200? I’m currently on stock disks and pads (Brembo). I mostly use it for track use. On previous track days I have also felt the brakes shudder/vibrate under heavy breaking. I think it is due to slightly...
  2. Joec1996

    Recommendation brake pads and discs

    Brake discs/pads recommendations Hello people. Does anyone have any good recommendations for brake pads and disc? need too get new ones due too issue with a disc brake.
  3. Joec1996

    Brake disc

    brake disc damaged Hello people , just brought a 197 I need some advice please if anyone can help I recently just got my timing belt and water pump changed along with a cv boot. Everything seemed fine until I drove it 5 minutes down the road I started hearing metal on metal noise, I then pulled...
  4. av4625

    Are these brembo HC?

    Are these discs on eurocarparts the HC version? If they are is that a decent price with 45% off? Just over £80 for 2...
  5. C

    MTEC rear brake discs - no more?

    Morning all, After scouring the forum for rear brake discs suppliers, opinions etc I've seen lots of people go for MTEC front and rear discs. Now, not sure if I'm going blind, however do MTEC not sell the rear discs any more...
  6. W

    Which Brake Disc Cleaner?

    As above, what cleaning products / brands are people using? Discs have acquired a fair bit of surface rust could do with being removed! Cheers