ball joint

  1. M

    Clio 197 lower ball joint socket size

    What socket size do i need to remove the lower ball joint? thanks in advance
  2. J

    Lower control arm ball joint

    Hi all, Ive noticed a split boot on the right side lower control arm ball joint. Have read they aren’t your usual ball joint. Does anyone know how easy they are to remove ? Is there a special tool ?
  3. Rocket

    Loose lower ball joint in hub carrier.

    Hi all, i have a problem with clio 200 from 2011, here in the weekend installed new lower ball joints in the hub carrier, but the ball joint it self is not secure in the hub carrier so i can move. So my question is, do i need a new hub carrier or may this be a wrong part? I have painted a mark...
  4. Elviic

    "Modified" eBay lower ball joint fell apart whilst fitting

    Hi all Just to "put it out there", anyone bought this modified lower ball joint from eBay? - - eBay item number: 274042138511...