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  1. ryan197

    my old clio 197 ultra red BK07 JSV

    Just wondering if my old clio is still knocking about and is on here. ryan
  2. ryan197

    Red 200, peartree lane, merry hill

    Let you pull out of aldi, onto the road
  3. ryan197

    Red 197, pedmore road, lye

    Drove past me at about 15.40
  4. ryan197

    Nimbus 197 cup, dovedale road hursthill

    Pulled out behind me about 13.50 this afternoon
  5. ryan197

    59 plate LY 200 lye

    Seen you drive down lye high street about 9ish.
  6. ryan197

    nimbus grey 200, birmingham new road

    seen you twice this week, wednesday night at the lights by brittainia chip shop and driving down birmingham new road yesterday at about midday heading towards wolverhampton
  7. ryan197

    LY 197 F1 pedmore road, lye

    Seen you twice in 10 minutes. Flashed you the second time. I was in a meg 250z
  8. ryan197

    white 200 coming out of sedgeley

    17.30 yesterday going towards wolverhampton
  9. ryan197

    black 197, birmingham new road, dudley

    went past me down the birmingham new road, then turned right towards dudley bypass this morning. 07 reg i think
  10. ryan197

    Racing blue 197 or 200 stourport

    spotted on the one way system had a cup spoiler last saturday afternoon
  11. ryan197

    Birmingham new road, by burnt tree lights

    Nimbus 197 with black speedlines, parked on the kerb on birmingham new road by down the road from burnt tree lights.
  12. ryan197

    white 200 blackheath area

    you was driving towards blackheath from toys r us island.
  13. ryan197

    albi blue 200 blackheath area

    i was waiting at a junction and you went past, dont know the area so cant be more specific.
  14. ryan197

    Albi blue kt07

    Albi blue 197 with black wheels, following down towards wombourne from sedgeley.
  15. ryan197

    White 10 plate 200, tipton road.

    Going up the tipton road to sedgeley, was behind you in my black megane, gave you a flash.
  16. ryan197

    Nimbus 197 cup sedgley

    08 reg on back of clifton car park
  17. ryan197

    Albi blue 197 tesco dudley

    Just coming out of castle gate tesco, as i was driving in.
  18. ryan197

    Albi blue birmingham new road

    Waiting to turn right at the britainnia chip shop, went past in s black megane 250
  19. ryan197

    Clios gone

    It came the time this week, where i wanted something newer, the clio been a great car, it took a very long hard decision. I replaced her with this bad boy. Absolutely loving it so far.
  20. ryan197

    Albi blue birmingham new road

    Heading towards wolverhampton at the swan village lights at 19.50ish.