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  1. ryan197

    my old clio 197 ultra red BK07 JSV

    Just wondering if my old clio is still knocking about and is on here. ryan
  2. ryan197

    200: Well.. I almost died.

    There know to over steer anyway, think you just encouraged it by braking mid corner. Had the rear step out on mine, on a damp roundabout, at moderate speed, and that was without braking.
  3. ryan197

    Aircon issues

    Sometime the pump trips out and has to be reset using clip
  4. ryan197

    Value ~ Leather Recaros

    there kind of factory retrim tbh
  5. ryan197

    200: Falsely told my vehicle had full service history

    According to renault retail, air filters no longer changed annually, more so when they need to.
  6. ryan197

    Renaultsport RS 01 new car announced (Alpine)

    Its a new race series for world series renault
  7. ryan197

    Gearbox problem on RS Clio 200 2010

    they are loud gearboxs tbf, decent oil might be the best bet
  8. ryan197

    HID with no washer jets

    I think he means to have hids on a car whether from factory or standard, self leveling has to be present
  9. ryan197

    anyone selling any black locking wheel nuts for clio 197/ 07 plate

    Saab do a black plastic cover for there lovking wheels nuts, which happen to be the same as renault use
  10. ryan197

    My New 200 EDC is back in the services...

    which is what i said earlier reguarding the block, everything bolted to it is different, never said it wasnt a nissan engine just not the same as in the juke
  11. ryan197

    My New 200 EDC is back in the services...

    i know theres an engine cover on the juke, but the engine is not eactly the same, renault bin most of the ancillaries and put there own stuff on there, also comfiirmed by ads from renault if i remember rightly
  12. ryan197

    My New 200 EDC is back in the services...

    Its only the block that nissan, the parts that are attached to it will be renault.
  13. ryan197

    The Money Pit - LY RS200T

    Welcome, and i would get them rim blades off pretty sharpish, when they come off they do serious damage to the wings/arches
  14. ryan197

    connecting ipod with the glovebox cable

    Is aux actually turned on?
  15. ryan197

    Help !!Rs 200 Rear NS tail light and No Plates light out

    Was the lights on when you was messing? Probably shorted out the bulb holder, thats what most do on here when changing bulbs as leds dont short out.
  16. ryan197

    Ahh help! Oil from somewhere!

    That looks like its coming from that cover thats bolted to the cam cover, which if anything like 172/182s will have a gasket, and removing it wont effect the cams.
  17. ryan197

    HELP NEEDED locking my car

    Battery dead at a guesse, pressing the button on the handle should lock the doors, and theres no such thing as a master key, there both the same
  18. ryan197

    Need advice

    Thing is rogue not all cars are equal, what works on one car may not work on others. I defo felt the difference on mine, when i had fitted, and whos to say it was a faulty body?
  19. ryan197

    iron x

    I used devils blood, 5l tub, around £30 off the bay