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    Cage + carpet R26r style

    Finally managed to get an oulton park cage, wanting to carpet the rear also giving it an R26r style. Had a look through a few threads but no definitive answers to wear you can get a similar coloured/style carpet. May sound stupid but do carpet shops actually sell vehicle style carpet?
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    Brake fluid change, drain order?

    is there a specific order to let the clios calipers drain when carrying out a brake fluid change? I usually go osr, nsr, osf, nsf. I bleed my brakes in this order but they are now alot worse, as in very low biting point on pedal. may have an air lock somewhere. hoping there isn't a master...
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    Auto wipers and auto xenons connected?

    My auto xenons don't level properly, drop down into safe mode every other day. Rear sensor is outside tolerance sccording to Bosch diagnostic tool.. This has been ordered but comes from France :( Anyway, for the 4th time now the front wipers stop working then the lights drop to safe mode...
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    cup racer brakes?

    Out of curiosity more than anything, what brake setup do the cup racers run?
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    NATO GREEN 197! A92, fife

    Spotted this at around 1pm today going towards fife. Looked amazing!
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    Clio sports, buyers market? Or no market?

    Well had my 197 up for sale for quite a while now. Had a lot of interest but no one with the cash, all stupid PX's. Do you think the car market is slow at the moment or is it just me??
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    White 200 Dundee

    Noticed at riverside going past tesco.
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    200: Diameter of rear diffuser tips?

    Whats the diameter of the tips built in to the clio 200's diffuser?
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    Red 197, Dundee

    Noticed a couple of times around dundee. Has a front cup splitter fitted. Were behind me coming off the tay bridge over the fife side.
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    Spraying inlet manifold...

    Im looking into giving the inlet manifold a change of colour. How would i go about prepping it for spraying? Also it will be VHT paint im using.
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    Clio Cup query

    There are plenty of photos flying about of the Clio CUP racers spitting flames from the exhaust. Referring to this thread- My query is, i thought they only had a single exit exhaust?? How can a single exit produce 2 flames?! Or...
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    H&R'd Nimbus

    After many PM's/requests for pics, here they are! Recently had a set of 30/40mm H&R springs fitted, so thought i'd treat the 197 to a once over. Polished using SRP then waxed with Bilt Hamber auto balm. DSC_1919 by Mike Rob, on Flickr DSC_1925 by Mike Rob, on Flickr DSC_1941 by Mike...
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    Boot button

    What does the button in the middle of the rear diamond do??
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    Remove mirror covers?

    How do you remove these? Do you need to pop out the glass first?
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    How to get front struts away from hub??!

    Went to fit my h&r springs earlier. How do you remove the front strut from the hub?? There is next to no room to lever the hub open to release the strut! It looks as if the whole hub assembly needs to come off? Any suggestions other than Renault? (who want £250 for just fronts!)
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    How to get to top mounts?

    Im going to fit my new H&R springs tomorrow. Went and had a quick look tonight and it seems there is a 'leave guard' (some sort of guard for pollen filter anyway) that covers the topmounts. I take it you have to remove the window wipers to get this off? Seems a bit annoying! Is this the...
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    Opinions on H&R's

    HONEST opinions on the 40mm H&R springs please. These will be going on my 197 ff. They make the car look 100x better, just wanting to know how the ride compares?
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    Same stud spacing?

    What other cars share the same stud spacing as our 197?
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    Condensation in projector headlight.

    By condensation I mean ALOT! If you tap the light water drips down inside. What caused this? How do I sort it?
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    Pic request- Nimbus + wheel colours.....

    Soon to be getting my standard alloys powdercoated in anthracite, but wanting to see other nimbus 197's with different coloured wheels. Cheers