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  1. wootwoot

    Obd reader

    Hey guys Wanted to ask if anyone uses a good obd reader that does most things needed and is accurate with the clio3? I was looking at getting a cheap Bluetooth reader and downloading an app. Any recommendation welcome Sent from my Nokia 5.1 Plus using Tapatalk
  2. wootwoot

    MAP sensor o rings

    Just wanted to clean the map sensor and change the O rings to fresher ones. Anyone know the size I need or have any tips? Cheers Sent from my Nokia 5.1 Plus using Tapatalk
  3. wootwoot

    Clio 197 Australia

    Hey guys just thought i would post my car thread here since i started it on a forum in Australia. Just thought i would start my foray into Renault ownership with a log of my recently purchased 197 from another member on here. OZ Renaultsport. Had the car for about a month now but have not...
  4. wootwoot

    Clio 197 Australia

    Hi all, Got a black 197 a few months ago and wanted to say hi. Located in Australia where the Renault Sport community is small but fairly active. Will post up a ride thread soon but have not done anything major yet. Cheers Joe
  5. wootwoot

    Suspension recommendation

    Hi guys Just wondering for future mods if people would recommend getting 197 cup shocks and lowered springs? I have a non cup 197 and was thinking coilovers (b14) but honestly won't be tracking the car much at all and do mountain roads more, and wanted people's thoughts for daily set up? I...
  6. wootwoot

    Pure motorsport stub axle spacers

    Hi all new the the Clio gang and wanted some advice. I want to get the 10mm stub axle spacer from pure motorsports but wanted to ask if there were any negatives with running the rear spacer and leaving the front standard? Cheers Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk