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  1. rupe30

    rupe30's Clio 197

    Hey all, Thought I'd put a little progress blog together as I'm back in a Renaultsport and who knows where it'll go... I joined the forum 8 years ago when I had this 197 cup: Ran that for a few years, really enjoyed it. Recently picked up this Albi Blue 197 from @bboy197 who has owned it...
  2. rupe30

    Go Pro In-Car Mounts

    Where are you guys mounting your GoPro's? I'm struggling to find a decent place in my car to mount mine. I was considering a mount on the back of my passenger recaro seat but i imagine it'll wobble too much. Only other option i can see is passenger window with the suction mount as ideally i...
  3. rupe30


    Car's developed a missfire recently. When starting the engine cold I can't even pull away as I am unable to build up enough revs. When it's ticking over the revs are very low and it sounds like its about to stall. Once warmed up the car runs ok, so I thought it was just a bad bit of fuel...
  4. rupe30

    Red 200 Stratford-upon-Avon

    Today at about 4pm going over Clopton bridge. Looked lavly
  5. rupe30

    Blue F1 197 near Meadowhall Sheffield

    Drove past a blue f1 197 on my way home from meadowhall. I was in my white 197cup. Anyone on here?
  6. rupe30

    GW 200 cup V*59 DMZ Stratford-upon-Avon

    GW 200 Cup parks down Avon Rd in Stratford-upon Avon. Pass it every time I go to healthworks! Anyone on here?
  7. rupe30

    My 197 cup..

    Bought my 197 last Thursday and can't get enough of it! It's such a good example, not a mark on the whole car, in and out. Been on a road trip to Bristol and outer London, drove great the whole trip, my satnav for some reason always likes to take me on little back road short-cuts, which used to...
  8. rupe30

    Car covers! Which are best?

    What car covers are you guys using? Any recommendations?
  9. rupe30

    Air con, how necessary is it!?

    I'm planning on getting a 197 cup soon, there's a well priced one up for sale at the moment which I'm going to look at on Monday, but it doesn't have air con. Seems like it was a pretty popular extra as most the cups have it! Anyone have a cup, or been in a cup, which doesn't have air con...
  10. rupe30


    Hi everyone, I'm Rupes, aged 22 from Stratford-upon-Avon. I'm currently looking to buy a 197cup in white, and well excited about it! Current car is a gti engined 106xsi, which I'll be keeping as a track car as at it's spec it's only good on a track as it keeps breaking down on the road...