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  1. Antti O

    Clio3: attention, where is sunroof drain pipes located (front/rear)

    Hello I am having hard time to locate front sunroof drains and those are blocked. I removed already front arch liner (that black plastic proection behind wheel). I only found that drain pipe which comes from wiper bay, it was open and clean. If i pour water for front part of sunroof, it does not...
  2. Antti O

    Ice Hockey world championship 2019

    Good morning guys. I am so proud of our great team. :D
  3. Antti O

    Pictures not working

    Hello, most of my pics are marked with red X. My photo site works as normally. What is wrong?
  4. Antti O

    197: +12v switched signal for starter missing, (not cranking) SOLVED

    Hello Clio 197 would not start. No crank. Not even sound from solenoid. Car towed for french car specialist yesterday. I got call today: -No signal for starter -Push start car starts okay -Starter works fine. Normal key ignition, no key card. Is there some common problem? any help...
  5. Antti O

    197: waving acceleration / dynoprint thoughts..

    First, i want that you look my old clio 197 dynoprint: My current 197 feels kind of waving power output. When i accelerate lets say 3000rpm to 7000rpm i can feel that power output is not smooth. It kind of first goes and then lesser and again more power. Noise is same, and nothing weird but i...
  6. Antti O

    197: Ignition switch loose/moving too much after flexi replacement..? wtf..

    Today my 197 flexis were replaced. When i picked up car i noticed that ignition key barrell is loose. Check this video. I took steering column plastics off, but there is no bolts holding key barrell. (i first thought there must be some bolts which i turn tight.).. but no. Key is working okay...
  7. Antti O

    Clio 197: P0300 Random/Multible Cylinder Misfire Detected

    Hello 2 times this summer my 197 has been running rough short time and engine managment light flashing. Code is P0300. When i re-start car, it runs fine and no any errors. I can erase that error code no problem. Unfortunately i only have universal OBD / bluetooth module which i can use with...
  8. Antti O

    197/200 : Potential rust place under side sills?

    I am just wondering if there is common place for rust to hide? Recently i took side sills off from one car and result is sandblasting and welding. I dont know how good or bad design is in clio 197 and is there possibility that there is sand and dirt in hide causing corrosion. Any opinions?
  9. Antti O

    197: Flexis ...

    What do you think, is this rattle in high revs blowing flexis? Also when i accelerate 1 or 2 gear over 6000 rpm and press clutch then i can hear that rattling.
  10. Antti O

    197: Check injection + spanner light..

    This morning i drove 3km and engine was not yet in full working tempeature. When i was parking car engine start shaking and there was check injection + amber spanner light on. My first quess would be ignition coil, but i replaced recently coil set (Valeo greentop). I shut engine down, and...
  11. Antti O

    197: Connecting rod bearings, preventive replacement?

    Hello I have 70.000 miles in my Clio 197 2007, it is running original engine and conrod bearings. What do you think about preventive maintenance for conrod bearings. There has been many engine blow ups because bearing or bearing lubrication problems. Shopping list, do i have to buy other...
  12. Antti O

    Dont you love road salt?

    Not renault content, but look how fun it is live in Finland and love car cleaning / detailing. I am sure you understand now why i keep my Clio 197 in heated garage over wintertime.. In february we usually have some weeks for really cold weather like -20 or -35 celsius. Maybe then i drive clio...
  13. Antti O

    Oil pan refitting - help with bolt torque settings (image attached)

    Hi I am assembling my oil pan back in car. Why bolts 3,4,5,6 will be only 15nm and all other bolts should be 18nm.
  14. Antti O

    197: Removing radiator support (next to subframe). Any tips?

    Hello i need little help. If i remove front bumper + front inner wings, then i have access most of the bolts. Is there anything else special i have to remove to get this bar + connecting parts off from car? See blue arrows. Thanks for advance.
  15. Antti O

    Show us your beading video..

    Here is mine
  16. Antti O

    197: Front brembo caliber repainting tips

    Hello! I am planning to service and repaint my silver brembo front calibers. I need some help from you. What would be best order to do these tasks: 1. I remove calibers from car, best to press brake pedal in the floor to avoid all brake fluid draining from lines and master cylinder? 2...
  17. Antti O

    197: Shaking in steering wheel when braking

    I have this 2007 Clio 197. I replaced Brembo front discs & pads in march. I have done maybe 5000km after that. I simply replaced disks & pads, and my fault was, i did not bed in new discs & pads. I drove carefully most of the time and brakes were absolutely fine. Now after some hard driving...
  18. Antti O

    Winter is coming :S

    Last night we had +7 celsius. There was news this morning that they can have first snow today in Lapland. Maybe time to park clio 197 for winter storage.. :imp:
  19. Antti O

    197: Wipers are not wiping all water away.. stripes in windscreen.

    I have almost new windscreen (replaced april 2017). I also have fresh wiper blades (valeo, april 2017). From beginning left blade has left stripes. Right is much better. Problem was with old blades, and new. Is there some adjustment i can do for wiper arm? Can i replace spring? I think it does...
  20. Antti O

    Waterless wash..

    Product seller says there will be no swirl marks. What you think? Video is for Finnish, but basically this is product that you just spray for dirty paintwork and wipe it with microfibre. I will stay with foam lance / pressure washer+ wash mitt + shampoo..