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  1. Yiannis197

    Battery cut off and ECU?

    I've got a lithium battery and thinking to disconnect it for the winter months. Unfortunately the garage where I store my car doesn't have a socket to run a charger so disconnecting is the only way forwards if I don't want to ruin the battery. Question is, would the lack of power cause any...
  2. Yiannis197

    Rusty Radiator Support Bar - Ongoing Warranty Claim

    Hi all, There have been many threads on this including this good one; but let's have a definitive thread with names/cars about this ongoing issue. It clearly seems that Renault has been using some totally...
  3. Yiannis197

    Oil pump, talk to me

    As our cars are getting older and clock 70k+ miles when would be a good time you reckon to have the oil pump replaced? A few stories out there with broken engines due to an oil pump failure and the actual pump is not that expensive and relatively easy to change. Would you do it to prevent the...
  4. Yiannis197

    "Instant is not always better"

    What a great video from carfection, caught myself happily smiling from start to finish. Great selection of words, scenery, filmography and of course car... Couldn't have said it better myself no matter how hard I'd try. Superb feelings.
  5. Yiannis197

    Any detailers in here?

    Hi all, Are there are detailers in here who either do that professionally or as a side job? I'm looking to have mine done and willing to travel a reasonable distance. I had my car done quite a few years back from a forum member and he did a smashing job but I've lost his contact details and I...
  6. Yiannis197

    Seat belts locked?

    So, I eventually bought some seat belts from a yellow pack'd Clio but they all seem to have been securely locked so I can't really pull the belt out. I suspect that this is some sort of a mechanism which locks down the belt when it is removed from the vehicle (when the belt is retracted more...
  7. Yiannis197

    What is this?

    I was drilling into my fuse box this evening and I was trying to figure out what this bad boy is. My shout would be the 'bit' that controls the trumpet of the OEM airbox, I've ditched that ages ago for the K-tec one so am I right to think that I can totally disconnect and remove it? DSC_8377...
  8. Yiannis197

    Lights won't turn off!!

    In need of some technical advice please. The lights of my car suddenly wouldn't work yesterday (dipped beam) and today the passenger's one won't turn off even when the car is locked. To work around it I just take battery pole off and back on again but is there something I can do? The electrics...
  9. Yiannis197

    Front Wheel Bearings

    ok then, has anyone changed these? Are the OEM ones from SNR? I noticed that the SNR ones cost around £50 each but the "OEM" ones are around £80 mark. £60 extra for the pair for a bit of packaging and branding do seem excessive. Thanks
  10. Yiannis197

    Forum traders

    Guys what is the story with the forum traders? There was a time when we had lots of them who they were active, doing group buys and generally promoting their business through here. Currently the trading activity is seriously poor on this site, is there a reason for this? I guess now with...
  11. Yiannis197

    Rear Caliper sliding pins

    Are these what I'm looking for? I'm pretty sure that the pins on our rear calipers are identical but after looking at the listing pic I'm...
  12. Yiannis197

    Ferodo ds 1.11 brake pad. Reviews?

    Anyone running or tried these in the past? My CL RC6s are coming to an end and I can either go with the proven recipe and stick with them or go for the D1.11 compound which is meant to be great and similar price to the CL one. I'd love to try the RS29 but I can't really justify their...
  13. Yiannis197

    Clio 200 Vs Clio 200 Trophy

    Interesting read.
  14. Yiannis197

    Why is this thread closed?

    Any reason behind this? Thanks
  15. Yiannis197

    197: black 197 with aero kit and private plates

    at NEC autosport show today? looked quality:)
  16. Yiannis197

    200: 200 Raider in Belsize Park - London

    We waved each other yesterday (Sunday 10th), I was in a AB 197 R27 going driving towards Hampstead, you came off a small road driving south towards camden. Anyone in here?
  17. Yiannis197

    How do you mount show plates?

    Will some Velcro tape do? Or just double sided sticking tape? Thanks
  18. Yiannis197

    Front damper bolts bent on both sides? wtf!

    I removed my dampers today only to be greeted with this. DSC_0054 by YiannisR27, on Flickr What on earth happened there? This bolt is the No2 on the diagram Untitled2 by YiannisR27, on Flickr This can't be normal surely. Obviously I'm buying a pair but is there something I can do to...
  19. Yiannis197

    Gearbox mount. OEM or Powerflex?

    The time has come to sort out my gearbox mount, it hasn't ever been replaced and after nearly 8 years I believe it has seen better days. So the question is, should I go for an OEM replacement or a powerflex insert? The thing is that an OEM part is £60 posted, the Powerflex insert is £25...
  20. Yiannis197

    Right wheel cap size?

    Either someone nicked it or it simply fall off, the thing is that I have to buy a cap for my OZ wheels. Is this the right size? If not can you point me to the right direction please? Thanks