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  1. mark_1873

    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    Some stunning scenery there mate. I really wanted to do that trip this year with the Mrs new car but it's not looking likely now. Maybe we will get to do it next year when the new Racing Blue beast arrives (much like yourself I can't keep away...though this RB car is very different to my last...
  2. mark_1873

    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    Looks nice mate. I still miss my old 197 Cup, not sure I'd get another for fear of being disappointed though ??? I take it that it's as brilliant as you remember ?
  3. mark_1873

    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    Nice one matey, I'm feeling the same with the Megane. It's brilliant at Knockhill but its just not as much fun as the Clio, sadly speed and lap times isn't always the answer to a fun day !!!
  4. mark_1873

    Detailers in Glasgow?
  5. mark_1873

    Detailers in Glasgow?

    Incredible Detail in Hillington Top notch work !
  6. mark_1873

    LY200 - too loud or blow up again, taking bets!

    Looks like some works gone into/going into your gearing selection. One thing I'd think about and you've probably done this is; what's the most common track you go to for trackdays, where are you going to be competing ? I know that for Knockhill my 3rd and 4th gears are spot on for Normal...
  7. mark_1873

    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    Looks good, nice and purposeful. I'd have it all LY including the vents.
  8. mark_1873

    LY200 - too loud or blow up again, taking bets!

    Glad it's worked out for you Rich, I've been keeping a lurking eye on your thread for while now and love your commitment. The knee jerk sale made have been a knee jerk purchase had we not just bought a new car (I miss my wee RB Cup) Do the forged internals not allow for a rev increase or was...
  9. mark_1873

    Picked up new car today!

    Looks lovely, though I think I'm in the minority with not being keen on the black badges.
  10. mark_1873

    Steves Megane conversion build - She's finally running (VIDEO inside)

    Looks brilliant, I'd be scared to drive it and get in dirty once its finished :thumbup1: Have you decided on a turbo yet ? The 250 Hybrid seems to be the best way to go so you can keep the standard exhaust manifold, you'll need a 3" exhaust to make the most of it.
  11. mark_1873

    AP Brakes discs for OEM calipers?

    Yeah two piece and come with longer bolts and 4 spacers. ill try and look out some pics should be some in Megane thread on here
  12. mark_1873

    AP Brakes discs for OEM calipers?
  13. mark_1873

    AP Brakes discs for OEM calipers?

    No there's one more, I have Godspeed 330mm on my Megane now so there's another make to throw in the mix. im really happy with them and using DS3000 pads with them.
  14. mark_1873

    AP Brakes discs for OEM calipers?

    The AP Racing discs are the only discs that are handed with curved veins. This helps draw air through the discs and helps with temps. Also I'd imagine the AP's are the lightest of the bunch.
  15. mark_1873

    AP Brakes discs for OEM calipers?

    That's my old 197 Cup it was on AST Sportline II coilovers Tyres were 235/40R17 R888 on 17x8 OZ Ultraleggera Couple of links to the discs for the OP Official part number to do some digging for the best price...
  16. mark_1873

    3" decat down pipe

    Yeah you'd be better with a 2.75" system (purely for the noise) with the power your restricted to on the standard internals. They're a bit louder than a 3" system and imo sound better.
  17. mark_1873

    Which would you take the keys for?

    If you have the money and are comfortable with the payments and running costs then go for it mate. I've seen a couple with and without the Aero Kit and to be honest it just looks like its trying to hard with the Aero Kit. The main option that I'd tick would be the performance exhaust...
  18. mark_1873

    Spirit Blue Fiesta ST

    I know, I've usually got £100 lying at Knockhill because of a cancelled day.
  19. mark_1873

    Spirit Blue Fiesta ST

    Looking good Martin, your off your head washing it in this weather though :D Take it your not going on the 7th, I think Darren & I are going then ?
  20. mark_1873

    Megane 225 track car - more goodies

    Wee update with everything that's going on the car now; New stiffer front springs for the V3's New rear spring set-up for the V3's also stiffer Also the black series rear beam bushes and front anti roll bar bushes form Cazan Racing. Cant wait to see how it performs now !