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    Silverstone wheels

    I have 1 silverstone wheel 7.5x17 I need 3 more does anyone know where I can get them?
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    What gear box is in my clio 200 does anyone know?
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    stand tickets for trax

    Is there any tickets available for the stand as I bought standard tickets before I even knew about the stand tickets.
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    What lowering springs.

    I have a 2009 clio 200 cup, what top mounts would it have and does that matter what lowering springs I get? Any help will be great. Thanks
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    My Nimbus 200. Old and new pics

    Thanks for looks, some dirty and clean pictures of my 200. Loving it more and more everyday. Having the Milltek fitted :) Thanks for looking Jase
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    De wipering the rear window.

    Im sure I have seen something about this on here but I cant find it again. What size blanking grommet is needed? Any help would be greatful. Thanks.
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    Some snaps of my 200.

    De-badged and k-tec panel filter for now plans are still going ahead. Anyway a few pics of the car as I haven't put any on here since I got it. Thanks
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    Bluefin Superchips

    Been looking at the bluefin remap has anyone got it? Would people recommend it?
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    What cleaning products are people using???

    Looking at buying some new cleaning products, Autoglym,Maguires, Dodo juice or kleen freaks What do you guys and girls think?
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    Collect This Tomorrow

    New the RenaultSport family I cant wait. 59 Plate 29K On the clock Here she is; I have some plans: Light Tint: Maybe Steering Wheel Trim: Complete LED Bulbs: Complete Debadge and new R.S rear badge: H&R Spring/Coilovers: Maybe Audio Upgrade: Panel Filter: Unsure of which. Cant wait...