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  1. Liambo-201

    iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III Drop test

    No doubt someone was going to do it! :) For some reason the embed isn't working so:!
  2. Liambo-201

    The Clio is finally gone and a replacement is here..

    So after years of debating if I will sell or not, I finally decided to do it last month as most of you may have saw from Gumtree/Pistonheads/Sales section on here. Anyways after looking through the local paper I found a fantastic deal on a MINI Cooper S and took the plunge and bought it...
  3. Liambo-201

    New Galaxy S III Ad.

    Found this quite amusing. No doubt it will piss off some fanboys ;)
  4. Liambo-201

    What do i need to put my private reg back onto a car?

    As the title says really.. I have a plate on hold for a year but want to put it on a car, what documents are needed? I'v had a look around the DVLA page but get confused by all the numbers they fire at you basically! Cheers
  5. Liambo-201

    197: It's time to sell up I suppose..

    So after over 3 years of fantastic ownership and smiles it's time to sell my pride and joy. The R27 is my second Clio (first being a Campus Sport) and i'm looking to move forward to something bigger. I have thought about it for a few years now but the Clio is definitely up for sale now. Private...
  6. Liambo-201

    197: I'v found the best way to irritate a BMW driver :)

    After having the R27 lay for a week while I was down in England for a wedding, I decided last night to take my car out a drive (25 mile round trip of fun roads). I was just cruising down my local bypass with no intentions of opening my R27 up, but anyways i got to a narrow bridge to leave the...
  7. Liambo-201

    DSLR Who uses them??

    This is a thread that often gets quite interesting seeing what people use and why. What type of SLR do you own, what lenses and why? Post pictures if you want :) My collection: Canon 1000D (bought as a present and love it) Canon 50mm f1.8 (mainly used for my darker photography) Canon 18-55mm...
  8. Liambo-201

    How do I remove my private plate back to original?

    I got my private plate from my parents for my Christmas 2 years ago and haven't changed my car since (many of you know that). My question is, how do i go about the DVLA for swapping my plate from my private plate to the cars original plate? I'v had a look on the DVLA site but i don't understand...
  9. Liambo-201

    You need to use your car more when..

    You have only done 2,177 miles since it's last service at the beginning of March last year... 200 of those miles have been done the past 3 days.. *Oil has been changed and minor check ups done along with new brakes and MOT since service*
  10. Liambo-201

    197: So.. Guess im here for a little longer ;)

    So some of you guys may know that i was wanting to sell up quite a few times in the past due to wanting to move on.. So i spent a whole month detailing the car and it was looking in showroom condition. After doing so i plunked it on PH (i overpriced it i know that but hey ho ;)) So after 15...
  11. Liambo-201

    Monaco GP

    Anybody watch the F1 this past weekend?
  12. Liambo-201

    Test drive yesterday.

    So yesterday being my birthday and having not much to do since i had the day off work i decided i would head into town for some clothes and maybe a test drive. So i walked into the Vauxhall garage (i hate Vauxhall) but i fancy a new car and the Arctic VXR was appealing to me, little tuning, big...
  13. Liambo-201

    Lol, This is the kinda people that make me not want a VX! So what the owner didn't want to race? I don't want to race every person that comes near me! Infact iv only had a few 'races' and all it was just a little play in some bends for some with within speed...
  14. Liambo-201

    R27 1 month detail finally finished!!

    Right it’s about time i put a thread up on the progress of my car, which really isn’t much.. Unlike most of you guys i like a standard looking car but my progress is in the detailing side of things. I have been known locally to have slight OCD towards the condition of my cars and other toys...
  15. Liambo-201

    Taking shots with SLR advice please

    Right guys, Only had my SLR since December and haven't had much practice with it being busy and stuff but been able to get a few shots of the car obviously :) I need some advice on taking shots in a darker environment. I'm DJ'n in a place called The Tunnels tonight and the name says it all...
  16. Liambo-201

    Bored and signed off work.

    So i'm sitting in my room bored signed off work, its a beautiful day outside and there is a million things i want to do to the R27 but can't due to my foot!! :swear: This is just a rant because i am fed up sitting inside. lol Roy i feel sorry for ya mate because this has only been exactly 1...
  17. Liambo-201

    Did someone say COD for dinner???

    The images are taken aboard a customers vessels of mines.. The images below are of a Peterhead vessel called the 'MV Harvester' and have been taken by a crewman onboard the sister vessel named 'MV Ocean Harvest' The images are currently circling the UK in an email named 'Did somebody say COD...
  18. Liambo-201

    What do you use to shave?

    As the title says, Men what do you use to shave? I'v been looking at buying a proper old school kinda razor to get a nice clean fresh shave from a blade instead of spending a fortune on Gillette or Wilkinson blades! Woman can join in also but not sure it would help out lol.
  19. Liambo-201

    How to tighten the tailgate catch?

    Is it simple? I remember reading about it in a thread before but can't find the damn thing! It keeps knocking and its irritating me and im away to service it tonight so thought id do this also.
  20. Liambo-201

    Lambo piss take detail..

    Saw this over on CS and thought it was quite amusing. This is the proper way to detail guys ;)