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  1. Juk3sy

    Black 220 Trophy

    Parked up at SKF Bearings in Clevedon, looked to be a member of Team Black Diamond.
  2. Juk3sy

    LY 220 Trophy

    Liquid Yellow 220 Trophy driving through Portishead High Street this afternoon. Looked awesome as the sun caught the paint.
  3. Juk3sy

    200: RB 200 Clevedon Road

    Spotted the last 3 mornings at around 7:45am heading from Clevedon towards Portishead.
  4. Juk3sy

    197 F1 Nimbus

    Spotted near Cheddar Gorge, turning off Cliff Rd i think. Was a good afternoon for a blast!
  5. Juk3sy

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    So after approximately 9 months with the 265 I decided it was time for a change. The problem is where do you go from there! So this one is more of an incremental upgrade, but anything to be in the Trophy gang! The spec is pretty much everything I could ask for, optional 19's...
  6. Juk3sy

    AG 200 M5 Junction 20/21

    Saw this one Saturday around 4:45pm Looked excellent in the sun!
  7. Juk3sy

    Juk3sy's Deep Black 200

    Well I have had my 200 for just over a year now so I thought I would make a short post regarding her progress. I didn't really have any plans when the car was purchased and in reality didn't know as much about Clio's as I should have before buying (apart from the rave reviews) So when I picked...
  8. Juk3sy

    Albi Blue 200

    In Clevedon down by the sea front park. 59 plate I think, looked tidy.
  9. Juk3sy

    To cam or not to cam

    Ok so i'm looking for a little advice here. I have a coolant leak on my 200 and it would appear that when the cam belt was done, a previous owner in their infinite wisdom, didn't do the water pump and aux belt. Screw that guy in particular! So now I have to get the belts done. Using some...
  10. Juk3sy

    Great Success (RS Monitor)

    Bit of a long story. I picked up my Clio last year and one of the little things that always bugged me was the stereo was not the original item. It was a Renault bluetooth item but from a Kangoo or something similar so it didn't fit perfectly into the dash opening. All fuctions worked (phone...
  11. Juk3sy

    UR with Cup Spoiler

    Parked up at the burger van on Strode Road in Clevedon around 11:30am. Pretty sure the plate ended in EGG.
  12. Juk3sy

    Deep Black RS200

    Hi guys Been lurking for a couple of months and thought I would say hi. I picked up my Clio about 3 months ago. 2009 FF 200 with cup chassis on 57k. She's totally standard at the moment, wasn't planning any mods but I already seem to have a little list of parts forming! I live just outside...