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  1. matt9566

    TPI Black Wheel Bolts and Locking Nut Size - Help

    Hi Guys Just had my tyre's changed and they couldn't remove one of the locking wheel nuts - Going for that taking off this evening but will need to replace them now. Have seen quite a bit of conflicting suggestions on here in regards to size needed. Can someone please confirm what size I need...
  2. matt9566

    Akrapovic exhaust tip size help

    Hi Guys After having no luck finding a 200 diffuser at the moment, I am going to go down the next route and replace the tips on my Akra. When I bought it (second hand) it came with some makeshift tips (to fit the 197) which don't look the best so looking to swap them out for some nice shiny...
  3. matt9566

    Cleaning/Detailing Advice

    I know there are quite a few people on here that are in to detailing and keeping their cars in impeccable condition so thought I'd ask a bit of advice, before blindly spending money. The paintwork on my car could do with some TLC as I have always just used the local car wash and I'm not quite...
  4. matt9566

    Manifold flexi repair recommendations - South Yorkshire

    Hi Everyone Just in the process sorting a few issues on the car, the manifold being one of them. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the South Yorkshire area (I'm based in Barnsley) for the repair doing and a rough price ? Have had a price from somewhere in Leeds at around £180 for both flexis...
  5. matt9566

    Ticking Noise

    Hi Everyone My car has recently developed a 'ticking' noise (easiest way to describe) If I put the window down from standstill and set off the ticking noise gradually gets more prominent as the revs build. On cold idle it's noticeable but when warmed up the it settles down but with the bonnet...
  6. matt9566

    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    I've recently realised that I don't spend enough money and time on my car, in the hope that it will give me some motivation I thought I would start a progress thread. It might be slow moving but please just bear with me. Although the car looks pretty clean there is plenty of cosmetic things...
  7. matt9566

    Happy 10th Birthday - R27 #91

    The R27 is 10 years old today!! I somehow noticed last week when I was looking through the cars paperwork that it was first registered on this date in 2007 - It also coincides with it being 3 years of ownership! I recently had the car in for it's yearly service and as a birthday treat while...
  8. matt9566

    Urgent Help Needed - Check Emissions

    Hi everyone, I'm currently away in Windermere, car has been faultless all the way here, just had a recent service last week so all ok there. We've just had one last drive in to the town before we head home and on the way the check emissions light, the spanner and engine management light has...
  9. matt9566

    MOT Advisories - Advice needed please.

    Just had the yearly service and Mot done on the R27, easily passed but did come with a couple of advisories. Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of what exactly will need doing, rough cost etc... It's not urgent but might as well start buying parts when I have spare money...
  10. matt9566

    RA07 JAO - Newcastle (Near train station) - Friday 24th

    Spotted in Newcastle last Friday, Can't honestly remember what colour the car was as I'd had a fair few beers by this point. Just seen the licence plate saved in my notes. Anyone on here ?
  11. matt9566

    New tyres on front or back ?

    Probably a dumb question but I'm due 2 new tyres on the rear, had some Eagle F1's on the front a steady few thousand miles ago, there is plenty of tread left - they are practically new. Is it worth putting these on the rear and the new ones on the front when I get the rears replaced as I know...
  12. matt9566

    200: White 200 Cup - Centertainment Sheffield

    Spotted on Friday just gone, had R80 Cup licence plate if I remember correctly.. Anybody on here ?
  13. matt9566

    White 200 - Hemsworth, Barnsley

    Spotted a white 200 yesterday around 1:30 pm in Hemsworth, anybody on here ?
  14. matt9566

    197: Flat battery ?

    Tried to set off for work this morning and my car wouldn't start, all I'm getting is a clicking noise when I press the start button (My car is keyless entry) I haven't had time to get someone with some jump leads as I was rushing to get to work. Just wanted to ask people opinions ? Will it just...
  15. matt9566

    Help - Creaking/Scraping noise when turning to full lock

    When I was turning around to leave work today I noticed a noise that sounded like something scraping/creaking on the drivers side wheel area when I was on full lock, not when the car is moving but when I do a manoeuvre and turn the steering wheel from about 3/4 to full lock. I have tried to...
  16. matt9566

    The Grand Tour

    Anybody catch this tonight ? Just finished watching it and thought it was brilliant, proper car show with the entertainment of Clarkson, May and Hammond as expected. Enjoyed the first 20 minutes more than the entire recent Top Gear series. You can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime if...
  17. matt9566

    197: Black 197 - M1 Sheffield

    Spotted a black 197 56 plate I think it was on the M1 between Barnsley and Sheffield last week, was in front of you in the traffic as we both got off at the Meadowhall junction. Anybody on here ?
  18. matt9566

    Coolant Change - Advice.

    Can anyone give me some advice as to what I need to do to flush and change the coolant, basically I need a how to if possible, there is some information when I've done a search but not enough for a me to confidently do it. Where is the best drain point ? Do I need to use the bleed points once I...
  19. matt9566

    New 200T Facelift

    Seen these over on Facebook a few days ago so thought I'd post them up and see what people's thoughts were. Looks like they've took a few features from the Rs16 (Lights, Akra) Quote from renault: "The same classic Trophy recipe, now available as part of the standard range. For those looking...
  20. matt9566

    LY 200 - M62 Saturday 10th @ around 6

    Spotted in the distance last Saturday on my way back to Barnsley from Preston, was only a passenger unfortunately so couldn't catch up and didn't see the plate.