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    Mystery noise - no solution?

    Ok, this is driving me nuts. I had a noise on my Clio 200 Cup. It sounded exactly like a knackered thrust release bearing, but went away when I pressed the clutch. So couldn't be that. Thoughts tunrned to knackered input shaft bearing. Changed gearbox and clutch for a good 2nd hand box and new...
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    Opinions on door trim/wing mirror/door handle colouring

    Personally I'd leave as is, as it is one of the few external clues that it's a pure cup!
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    Low entry jacks

    I have this, both for Clio and race car. Not particularly cheap, although it is for a lightweight Jack. Probably a bit overkill if you're not having to cart it about all the time, but it's bloody good...
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    Rusty wheel hubs and bolts

    Nothing wrong with the rusty hubs, any car will suffer from that. Just use a couple of coats of black smoothrite, only takes 10 mins start to finish. The wheel nuts, on the other hand... I'd say you've got a fair claim there.
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    Heel and toe

    In essence, it's a refined form of rev matching. If you are at, say, 4K rpm in 4th, and want to change down to 3rd, you want the engine speed to match the road speed for that gear. So you blip the throttle whilst breaking to the appropriate rpm, I.e. (At a guess) 5K rpm with the clutch...
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    Heel and toe

    I've raced in historic saloons for 13 plus years, and used to be instructor, so at least in theory I should know lots (I don't :-) btw) Heel and toe can be very difficult, but in essence its main use is to keep the weight distribution of the car equal and stop it pitching on its nose, and stop...
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    Possible gearbox problem?

    Im still confused - my understanding is that if it was the clutch release bearing you would only get the noise with the clutch depressed?
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    Possible gearbox problem?

    I should add there are no gear selection problems up or down the box.
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    Possible gearbox problem?

    I have a 60 reg Clio 200 Cup on 55k. I think it may have a gearbox problem - essentially there is a varying rolling 'bearing' noise when warm. It varies with revs and is sometimes there, sometimes not, only noticeable in 6th and sometimes very noisy. It sounds exactly like a dodgy clutch...
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    Bargain for anyone who wants to rally

    Yep, all rally cars can be driven on the road so long as they meet certain regulations, it's how people get from stage to stage
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    Bargain for anyone who wants to rally

    I'd estimate this cost in excess of 30k to build, and is an absolute bargain for anyone who wants to start out in rallying. Not my car by the way, just thought I'd flag it up!
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    The exhaust clamp from the downpipe had rusted out and caused a blow. 7 quid part from Renault, jacked car up, fitted with exhaust paste as a precaution, and my god, transformed! Much nicer sound that I'd forgotten about (developed over time), plus the flat spot appears to have gone! One...
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    Clio 200 Cup steering wheel clarification

    A final question - if I get a FF steering wheel (which comes without the centre trim airbag cover), will mine fit?
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    Clio 200 Cup steering wheel clarification

    Thanks Sean, that puts my mind at rest regarding the exhaust, mine is exactly like that. As for the steering wheel, I may save up for a full fat one, seen some online from KTec which seem reasonable, just short of pennies at the moment. Strange the Cup is different in a negative way for the one...
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    Clio 200 Cup steering wheel clarification

    Can anyone help me on this? i have a 60 registered Clio 200 cup - I'm aware the dash, door cards etc are different to the full fat version, but is the steering wheel? I find the current one a bit thin and hard. Also, although not advertised, I'm fairly convinced it has an aftermarket exhaust...
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    Red Clio 200 in Penrith

    Spotted at Roosters Cafe in Penrith - was that you? On the downside there is someone in a white 200 very similar to mine, but with a trophy spoiler, people keep mistaking my car for his/hers - I don't think they have a good reputation!
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    Problem with for sale forum

    Ah, thanks folks! Sorry I missed that!
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    Problem with for sale forum

    Hi all - I can't open any posts in the for sale forum, I get a message saying I don't have sufficient privileges. I'm a new member - is there a time frame I have to be a member before I can open the posts? I can only see the titles at the moment. Thanks Chris
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    Hello from Cumbria

    Hi all, ive just swapped my 62 reg Skoda Yeti (which is a great car by the way) for a 60 plate Clio 200 Cup in white, now that my commute has changed and I don't need to carry prams etc around. First impressions? Goes like a rocket, faster than my historic race car and very similar to my 205...
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    K&N Apollo experience?

    Hi all, I'm a new Clio 200 Cup owner (I love it by the way) and have been offered a K&N Apollo in as new condition by a workmate, who had it fitted to his wife's 197 F1. Couplel of questions - is it compatible with a 200? (I assume so). Is it worth fitting? (I'm not fussed about engine noise...