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  1. S24nrc

    R20 BTG - 200 Cup Track Car Blog

    Fuck the GT3 RS, what was in that Yellow swift with the WRC style wing to be pulling like that :tearsofjoy:
  2. S24nrc

    Clio 200 K24

    Much appreciated :sunglasses:
  3. S24nrc

    Clio 200 K24

    Absolute complete tangent, any chance you can get some photos of how the lower part of the radiator sits in the subframe when you get chance? That sits far tidier than the one in my Megane conversion does.
  4. S24nrc

    GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar->v2)

    Holy F*** I thought I had bad luck.
  5. S24nrc

    Weeler Motorsport Radiator Support vs Clio Cup Version

    I got a cheap pattern standard Clio one off Ebay because Meg rads don't use the 197 mounts anyway. Its made of tinfoil and is significantly lighter than the holed OEM one I pulled off it lol.
  6. S24nrc

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Autodoc been bang on for me, although its definitely a planned maintenance site, lead times can be a bit inconvenient if you are working to a deadline.
  7. S24nrc

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    Out of curiosity, where did you need the welding? Might check mine and get it sorted whilst its a lawn ornament.
  8. S24nrc

    Gearbox rebuild cost

    Permanent fix is mechanical sympathy and making sure the the slave is installed and bled correctly. I've found they really don't like being pressure bled. Another option not mentioned above is a Megane RS Swap, I bought my conversion package for £1700 with an R26 LSD gearbox.
  9. S24nrc

    Meglio 200, the £700 car thats now 5k deep and still incomplete

    Left hand one on your diagram should be going to a carbon canister solenoid down the drivers side of the engine. You can throw that in the bin. Right hand one is the brake booster vacuum feed, hook this up to the engine in some way. Dont worry about a 1 way valve, the Clio already has this on...
  10. S24nrc

    GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar->v2)

    This was the comment that triggered it. I've just bought another Megane Engine because 280ftlb at 2300rpm is too good to give up on.
  11. S24nrc

    GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar->v2)

    fkin awesome. If 220 is achievable on standard engine I'm selling my Meglio when its rebuilt and going back to NA simplicity lol
  12. S24nrc

    Fast Road/Track Ultra Red 197

    Inner rod ends aren't too bad to do actually, I had one of the below bad boys and it took me about 20 minutes a side.
  13. S24nrc

    Helicoil Sizes

    Stud and nut kit is well worth it, mines been in three engines last year -_-
  14. S24nrc

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    I've been weighing up one of these for my meg engine when it goes back together. I'm pretty tight on space infront of the oil filter with a Megane Radpack as it is so teeing off the existing sensor looks a better option for me.
  15. S24nrc

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    The answer thus far is no, and it's looking pretty bleak...
  16. S24nrc

    GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar->v2)

    Awesome, I'm jealous - my Meg engines in bits and needs rebuilding but I just don't have the balls to do it myself.
  17. S24nrc

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    2 Months, out on the 31st of this month. Been a chore trying to find a new place too.
  18. S24nrc

    Can someone explain to me how the VVT works on a RS197/200?

    Theyre PWM based vs the older cars having a on/off style VVT.
  19. S24nrc

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    Jealous of the garage. Our willyhead landlord rented our unit out from underneath us. Not looking forward to winter driveway jobs.