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    Any detailers in here?

    Hi Guys!! Essex area how I can help?
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    What number?

    What number?
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    Hi mate! Did your Clio is F1 team??

    Hi mate! Did your Clio is F1 team??
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    Ok thanks

    Ok thanks
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    Hi.. did you find problem with cooling system??

    Hi.. did you find problem with cooling system??
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    Has your gearbox been replaced? Yes or no?

    clio F1 2007 119 865 k orginal gear box with problems:(
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    Clio F1 / Megane trophy

    Megane trophy 275 gear box turbo from 2015 straight from smash car
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    Clio F1 / Megane trophy

    Someone told me the gearbox is too big
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    Clio F1 / Megane trophy

    Hi. Can I swap engine from Megane trophy 275 to Clio f1?? The engine is complete with gearbox
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    Pav's Albi Blue 197T

    Hi!! I'm interesting to convert my car.. Engine what I can buy is a megane trophy 2015. Can I call you? It is possible to get your phone number I have a five questions about this. I need someone with experience!!! Big Thanks
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    Well I've not driven mine yet this year!

    I bought my clio last year 19.11.14 when on the clock was 32k today is 72 :))))
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    Pictures here!

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    My clio 197 cup 09 plate won't start

    hi.. did you buy tdc sensor??
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    Steering lock

    hi.. how did you fixt the car I have the same problem.
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    My car won't start!!!help!!!

    hi my clio 197 F1 dose not want start STEERING NOT LOCKED ... eventually I changed starter motor... but that didn't help... my old starter work properly as well... but is no electricity coming to starter motor
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    Longer bolts for spacers *Help*

    I will have spacers made especially for me. I need to know or there be enough place for wheels and spacers?
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    Longer bolts for spacers *Help*

    wheels clio RS200T Hi! I have a Clio MK3 197 and I want to buy wheels from Clio MK4 RS TURBO J7.5 OFFSET55. If is possible fit 23mm spacers(special spacers which changes the stud diameter) to my Clio 197 5x108 7.5J OFFSET 60?
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    RRR Tracktool Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

    hi do you have yellow seat belts??