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    Clio 200 Indie Suggestions for Hub Replacement

    Hey All, Anyone know a good independant garage in the Leamington Spa/ Coventry area please? Made the cardinal sin of taking my 2011 Gordini to a main dealer in Leamington for an MOT due to expecting at the most a non dangerous failure I can take away elsewhere. They have failed it for broken...
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    Modify Rare Gordini Opinion

    Realised I don't actually have any pics of it clean on this phone! Attached one from when I bought it, but will need to have a photo shoot once it stops raining!
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    No. 496

    Number 496 has been mine for a little while now. Found out its one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK as per a letter from Renault I found hidden in the previous owners paperwork!
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    Modify Rare Gordini Opinion

    Cheers guys. Yeah I'd look to keep the original parts. Guess I will only look at easily reversible changes. Need to replace an alloy as the previous owner couldn't park so I'm gutted there aren't more around to pinch one from.
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    Modify Rare Gordini Opinion

    Hi All, New here so not sure where to post, apologies. I've had a clio 200 gordini for a few months now and recently learned that I have one of only 2 black ones registered in the UK, and the only black one with the original stripes and alloys (found some pics of the other one for sale on...