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    New owner Clio 200

    Welcome, you got one in the best colour too :thumb:
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    Clio 197 gear knob

    For £50 you're better off just getting the standard one retrimmed, people do tend to go for the Clio V6/ Laguna GT gear knob but tends to be about £80-100 second hand if you can find one for sale...
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    POTM October Missed Shots.. (new rules)

    Still missing a decent radiator support bracket [emoji2357] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    New member and new to Renault

    Cheers! Will have to give it a go
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    New member and new to Renault

    Welcome! Looks great mate, what did you do with the seatbelts? Mine need doing too
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    White 200 Hedge End

    Another around Southampton area?
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    Welcome along!
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    Gone full circle back to a Clio

    Another in the area! Car looks sick welcome back
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    If Porsche made a hot hatch

    Damn did not expect this, especially after all the money spent on it... Good luck with the GT4 I guess
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    This site is an awesome resource

    Can't fault you for cracking on with it, I also have done a few subtle things since owning mine
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    If Porsche made a hot hatch

    Damn that looks nice, whose is that? It gives the looks whilst being practical, its firm but not to the point that it feels like something is going to break when you hit a bump
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    New member

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    Shots of my Clio R27 (The Lemon)

    Great shots as always!
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    Clio 200 help!

    I think the pre 2010 didn't come with one and it was added later, as mentioned above you can get replacement ones for it
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    Redline gearbox oil

    Yes, I think so. I will be doing the same, where are you buying it from? Someone on eBay is selling it at £17
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    Recaro Tilt Release Cable

    @lewishunter98 I don't think your passenger one moves forward when you release it?
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    Rusty Radiator Support Bar - Ongoing Warranty Claim

    I seem to have the same problem, was made aware of it from ktec and phoned Renault UK straight away. They simply passed it off saying I would have to call my local Renault. After a few phone calls to them all they did was say they can inspect it for an hours labour (£120) and see if I would be...
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    Painting 200 exhaust tips?

    Haha thanks! :thumb: Since these photos the black plasti dip has started to come off my diffuser, needs to be re-painted. Although I am not sure how long these have been painted before this
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    New Member from France

    Bonjour :thumb:
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    New here

    Welcome :thumb: