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    Just had my a*se handed to me

    sadly, it is not. even with the fastchip map I can just about keep up with a friends fiesta ST (stock!) from 60-120... naughty overboost in these coupled with less weight. also in the corners they are on par, if not even better. got beat by said friend at not only one, but three different...
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    New Gear Lever

    i wonder what makes it non-retrofitable
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    New Gear Lever

    that's nice. basically the 2016 megane GT220 assembly with different colours
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    New Gear Lever

    anyone have a pic?
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    200T + RSTuner (FastChip)

    you skipped the "works really well" part :)
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    200T + RSTuner (FastChip)

    4. you also get a complete OBD scanner and data recording solution that works very well.
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    200t Project Flame Scorpion Fitted **Zaush Vids P19**

    seriously? damn. why do they look way smaller on my car? *edited like 17 times to prevent "that's what she said" jokes... ;)
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    Clio 200 Headlights

    yeah. that's rhd lighting :)
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    200T + RSTuner (FastChip)

    it really seems to be a rebranded rstuner unit. I'd ask Paul how he justifies the 100 % markup over the version... 346eur vs. 594gbp is heavy for the same piece of kit including map...?
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    200T + RSTuner (FastChip)

    yeah, sure. the update from april was version 8000-A481 and is the one on which my performance CAL is based meanwhile it seems there is an even newer version out which takes care of the random power-loss problems many people (in the german forums) suffer from. I have no idea about the new...
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    200T + RSTuner (FastChip)

    Hi, I have a map from henk running since april. All conversation happened reasonably fast: april 18th - got the hardware; mailed henk the current ECU version (7000-A330) and requested VCI unlock code april 20th - got reply to update ECU to current version april 28th - finally got the ECU...
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    200t Project Flame Scorpion Fitted **Zaush Vids P19**

    good, good. the autec look nice in 18"
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    Axle Toe & Camber Shims

    isn't that quite relative? 1mm toe in on the outer edge of a 17" wheel is not the same as on an 18" wheel... shouldn't this be measured in degrees?
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    Springs or coilovers for mk4 Clio

    what are the rubber tubes for?
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    Waiting for membership pack to arrive

    good luck. i am still waiting since 2012. my gold membership even already expired :)
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    Axle Toe & Camber Shims

    1mm? measured where?
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    200T: My first real drive in my 200t

    my opinion: it's way less exciting and lacking precision in steering and throttle compared to my previous clio 200. but it's still equally fast on road and track. so for people who never enjoyed a 200 with the agile n/a engine and that fancy torque-steer killing front suspension, Im sure it...
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    calling all 200T with a remap

    i tried a piggyback box that messes around with the signal of the boost sensors which worked surprisingly well. but then i saw that fastchips rstuner is now supporting the clio4 so i got one and flashed henks stage1 map. this really transformed the car. second gear boost buildup is so damn...
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    200T: How many 200T owners on here

    sirius yellow (or as it's called on your island: liquid yellow) lhd here
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    Top suspension mounts - what to get?hey everyone,

    you are absolutely right. my bad...