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  1. matt9566

    Recaro side bolsters

    I don't think you can get the original fabric now for the blue dot ones - There are a few that can get very very close as they've done loads. Capital Seating will only do them if you take the seats to them when I last asked, they can't confirm a match without them being there, and you...
  2. matt9566

    New Car Ideas

    Taking everything you've mentioned in to account; what you will use the car for, your budget, what you are looking for in the car and wanting something new/nearly new, I really can't see past the GR Yaris. I don't know how similar it would be to the Megane but it would definitely be one to try...
  3. matt9566

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    I couldn't say mate, I've always supplied my own parts and had multiple things done at one time. I've always found his labour rates decent though, relative to the work I've had done.
  4. matt9566

    CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

    Ricky is great and definitely knows his stuff, I've been using him for a few years now. He sorted the gearbox bearings/cambelt service on my old 275 plus fitted some Bilstein B14's and he recently did new clutch, flywheel and cambelt etc on my now old R26 that I've just sold. He can be a bit...
  5. matt9566

    My Ultra Red 197

    Looks like you have projectors ? H1 bulbs for those I believe. Bit of a pig to change, but just give yourself an hour and steady away.
  6. matt9566

    Gordini with Recaros

    I don’t think any of them actually came with them from factory so it will be very hard to find out, I think I have seen one with a pair of Recaro’s re-trimmed in the Gordini black/grey & blue combination and they were retrofitted. I have just seen your post on the Gordini register and yours...
  7. matt9566

    Matt's Ultra Blue Megane R26 - Update Nov 2021

    Been a while since I updated this, just thought I would post a quick one to keep everything up to date. The clutch started slipping a few months ago in higher gears, it was still the original and I knew it would need changing at some point anyway with the power it's running so wasn't too...
  8. matt9566

    MarcB's LY Clio 197 F1 R27

    Looks loads better with the Speedlines! I used to love the cup alloys but I think they're my least favourite out of all options these days.
  9. matt9566

    Raider Purchase

    It's hard to tell really as the market is all over the place at the minute and these very rarely come up for sale anymore. You know the price you paid to acquire the car so really that is the current worth of the car. It would be very hard to replace if something did happen as it's such a rare...
  10. matt9566

    JMR's LY200

    Definitely excellent mileage, I bet there aren’t many unmolested examples left in LY that low. I want to say now is the best time to sell, but after having had several cars since my R27, my advice is keep it and enjoy owning one of the last pure hot hatches of our time. Keep us updated with...
  11. matt9566

    JMR's LY200

    Good job with the maintenance! Just looked back through your thread, the car looks in excellent condition and highlights just how bloody fantastic Liquid Yellow is, especially with the black contrasting parts. What's the mileage on the car now ? (if you don't mind me asking)
  12. matt9566

    Sat Nav and phone holder questions

    You can find the Carminat SD cards on eBay for slightly cheaper than what TomTom charge, the issue is that these will eventually be redundant as new roads are added to the map and you obviously have the risk of buying them through eBay and not working. If you just need the UK & Ireland maps its...
  13. matt9566

    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    Welcome back Shuv! Looks excellent, has to be one of the lowest mileage ones in the country that will hopefully be used and not in a collection. Looking forward to seeing you put your own stamp on it.
  14. matt9566

    Loud belt sound when steering car

    It's more than likely the lower ball joints, these are known to fail and usually get a scraping noise when turning (I get why you first thought belt noise, it can be awful) - When my old R27 developed the issue it was always noticeable on a morning when on full lock coming off the drive, then it...
  15. matt9566

    Matt's Ultra Blue Megane R26 - Update Nov 2021

    I’ve been thoroughly reading your excellent thread over the last week or so Ben, it could definitely be on the cards! I think I’m going to use the car at the current power throughout next summer and see if I can justify the cost. I think I made the right decision coming from the Cupra as I...
  16. matt9566

    Matt's Ultra Blue Megane R26 - Update Nov 2021

    TLDR - I Bought an R26, here's some pictures at the bottom :grinning: It's been a long time since I updated this thread and a lot has happened since. I sold the Megane 275 back in March 2021 thinking it was time for something sensible, a Volvo V40 was purchased and lasted about 2 months before...
  17. matt9566

    Cooksport vs Grams Lowering Springs

    I really don't think there's much in them to be honest. Someone who has Cooksports will say they're better and someone who has Grams will say they're better. As far as lowering springs go, I don't think you can go wrong with either of them and I've seen multiple people recommending them both...
  18. matt9566

    Storing car over Winter - Advice/Tips wanted

    Thanks everyone, I had seen similar suggestions but just wanted to check that I wasn’t missing anything important. Now the hard part, emptying the garage!
  19. matt9566

    Storing car over Winter - Advice/Tips wanted

    Hi Everyone I'm just looking for a bit of advice. I've recently moved back in to a Renault Sport in the form of an R26 (will update my old thread eventually - I much prefer this forum to the Megane ones!) Whilst it's going to be no garage queen and I believe cars should be used, I am thinking...
  20. matt9566

    How much my Clio is really worth?

    I think the Phase 1 cars don't sell as well as the Trophy (Ph1 & Ph2) in a private sale, I see quite a few been offered for long period of time with a couple of price revisions in between. You do have it in a great colour and very low miles and the right buyer will be out there, it just depends...