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  1. Pina13jpc

    Albi 197 - Project Fast Road

    I'm having this same problem now... Do you know which was indeed the correct size?
  2. Pina13jpc

    Video: my last track day

    I'm now living in Madrid and there is a racetrack nearby, Jarama. So I took my car for an open-pitlane 3-hour track day on Sunday evening. Here is a video of the last 3 laps of the day :grinning:
  3. Pina13jpc

    Do slicks damage the car?

    Thanks for the advice! It's not the first track day though, I have done several ones in several cars, even a Seat Leon Supercopa mk2, which was awesoooome, and a Formula Ford, wich was suuuuuper awesome! In the Clio I have done a handful, all with Michelin Cup 2's, which I quite like... So I'll...
  4. Pina13jpc

    Do slicks damage the car?

    Thanks!! They do allow slicks here in Portugal, with or without cage. The thing is, I received the slicks, so I was wondering whether to use them or not. I can also try to sell them... Or just wait, I'd like to cage the Clio, buy bucket seats and proper coils late in the year, when I buy a Cupra...
  5. Pina13jpc

    Do slicks damage the car?

    Cup suspension with H&R springs
  6. Pina13jpc

    Do slicks damage the car?

    Hey guys, Is anyone running full slicks without a LSD? From what I've read in some posts, it might damage the standard differencial. Can someone confirm this? Would it be better to stick with semi slicks until I have the LSD? Please help me, track day coming soooon! Thanks in advance for your...
  7. Pina13jpc

    I received a gift...

    A friend of mine offered me some Pirelli full slicks! Tyres are used but they still have more than 50% thread. I have heard some rumours that slicks on road cars destroy the bearings (I don't know if that's the correct term in English, literally translated it would be transmission). Has anyone...
  8. Pina13jpc

    Can I use 225/45/R17 tyres

    I have had 225/45 17 Cup 2's on my Clio and they rubbed on the bodywork on fast corners on track, as the car is lowered with H&R springs (even withouth spacers). Now I have 215/45 Cup 2's and everything is fine :grinning:
  9. Pina13jpc

    New Lincs 200 Member

    WOW! That car looks mega in red! I love the speedlines and the sprint spoiler too :hearteyes::hearteyes: Congrats!
  10. Pina13jpc

    New 200 Cup Trophee owner from Oz

    Looks awesome! I love Clios in silver :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  11. Pina13jpc

    No. 950 Portugal

    It's possible to unstick them out to make the car look much cleaner (and better imo) :grinning:
  12. Pina13jpc

    How did you choose your Clio

    I actually didn't have much choice... It was the only Gordini for sale in my country. Bought it in 2013, but being a 2012 car with only 13.000 kms at 11.000€ less than sticker, it was a no-brainer!
  13. Pina13jpc

    My new loud exhaust [VIDEO]

    I had been told that he is an old man so was always like that on track days. If you see around minute 11 we arrive to the braking area side by side and I opt to go to the run-off area as I was a bit affraid ahah After all the Clio is my daily driver and I had to get back home!
  14. Pina13jpc

    My new loud exhaust [VIDEO]

    I have no ideia... I think the driver wasn't really good...
  15. Pina13jpc

    My new loud exhaust [VIDEO]

    It's an Akrapovic Evolution line, everything else standard. In the cabin it sounds amazing, even more than on the outside (for me personally). You can see how it sounds here:
  16. Pina13jpc

    My new loud exhaust [VIDEO]

    I believe it still has the first cat, but I'm not 100% sure...
  17. Pina13jpc

    Really a NA fanatic

    Yes, except for the new GT3 and GT3 RS, which are expected to keep their NA engines. All Carreras (2/4/2S/4S/2GTS/4GTS) have seen their 3.6 and 3.8 litre NA engines replaced by an all new 3.0 litre twin turbo flat 6.
  18. Pina13jpc

    My new loud exhaust [VIDEO]

    I had a bit of free time and went to an amazing B road to film my Clio RS new Akrapovic Evolution exhaust. I took my GoPro, which is not the best camera to capture pure sound but it's the only one I have. I've uploaded it on youtube, here's the video :blush:
  19. Pina13jpc

    Really a NA fanatic

    Now the car has: - Akrapovic full Evolution line - H&R springs - Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's - Ultra racing strut braces - K&N panel filter And I have a set of Team Dynamics 1.2 ready to go on the car Next on the list: - Remap - Quaife LSD And if I buy a Cupra Sub8 and keep the Clio, I might...
  20. Pina13jpc

    Really a NA fanatic

    Nooooo! Definitely not! Mine has a lot of trackdays on it... I buy the cars to use and abuse them! But let's keep it secret... :tearsofjoy: