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    Microphone wiring

    I'm trying to install the bluetooth radiosat stereo into my 200 which currently has the basic radiosat, good news is everything works bar the microphone... because I don't have one wired in yet. I've bought the correct sun visor fitting which contains the microphone: Clearly I need to plug...
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    200 microphone for bluetooth radiosat

    Can anyone help me out with the location, connection and wiring for the microphone on the bluetooth radiosat stereo please? I've just upgraded the car from the standard radiosat stereo, but I can't find pictures or a wiring diagram to know what I'm looking for, thanks!
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    Headunit question - not the same old question

    No worries, not yet - I'm waiting on the lead to arrive, being Italian though, they're not taking orders until 1st September as the company appears to have shut down for the Summer! Luckily have my old sat nav to stick to the windscreen for the time being...
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    Headunit question - not the same old question

    Hi Josh, I own a 12 plate 200 with sat nav (should have Bluetooth as the Parrot kit is listed on the original invoice that was in the log book, but some Pikey has taken it) and I've just upgraded my head unit to this although I bought it...
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    Fitting Parrot mki9200 to Clio 200

    After some help please... I've had a search and followed some of the advice on here, wired everything up in accordance to the Parrot diagram for a mki9200 and it won't power on. I have a 12 plate 200 with the basic factory stereo, anyone who has fitted this before, have I missed something...