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  1. Ashton

    Why do people buy akrapovic?

    Not to mention tooling, r and d and miles upon miles of testing I'drather have that than some monkey with a tig welder just bodging things together The level of quality of the akrapovic is unrivalled
  2. Ashton

    Hi, all new member from Durham :-)

    Hi and welcome to the site. :)
  3. Ashton

    Newbie from Essex

    Welcome to the forum. Every time I think of growing up and buying a diesel part of my soul dies. Lol Fair play for sticking with the petrol. Nice car. :)
  4. Ashton

    Cllio Trophy Update

    25k+ with the trophy seats, lick of paint and rs monitor I'll pass thanks
  5. Ashton

    200t tyres

    Michelin pilot supersports for me soon Std dunlops are a bit pants
  6. Ashton

    200t coilovers

    Happy days. Looks good
  7. Ashton

    200t coilovers

    Is that the Billies set at the lowest point?
  8. Ashton

    200t coilovers

    I was hoping nitron/AST would make a kit
  9. Ashton

    200t coilovers

    I have just taken my v3 off my 200T due to a failed bump mechanism. Had issues with the clubsport kit too. Wouldn't have KW again at all
  10. Ashton

    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    I really like that. Nice an purposeful
  11. Ashton

    Tool To Fit Coilovers

    Set of vortex sockets. Best things ever invented
  12. Ashton

    200T Silencer Removal

    Think I will stick with my supersprint exhaust
  13. Ashton

    200T Silencer Removal

    Middle box or rear silencer?
  14. Ashton

    Clio 4 RS 200 service light.

    Need to go to you local Renault dealer for them to reset it via the CLIP tool
  15. Ashton

    200T: How many 200T owners on here

    Me. I was the test pilot
  16. Ashton

    200T Lacks Power after Panel Filter

    Ecu holding back due to increase in air flow I'm guessing How old is that car? I have the same filter in my 63 plate and it goes well
  17. Ashton

    '13 reg 200T for sale here with the RS Monitor?

    This is why I didn't spec leather. Drivers seat looks saggy as he'll Based on the bits I have done to mine and being 6 months newer with cup pack I should sell mine for 18k Roll up roll up
  18. Ashton

    adjustable top mounts

    Simo makes them. Can't remember his username tho AST make them too
  19. Ashton

    What does your exhaust sound like?

    Supersprint Clio Renaultsport 200T 1.6 Turbo: [video]XjK23hevsVk[video]
  20. Ashton

    My new Clio 200 :)

    Very very rare care with that spec. Exactly the same as my old one with added Sat nav Only 43 in the UK in storm grey I miss mine :(