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  1. LOCKE

    Wheel Alignment in Fife

    Another vote for Pro Grip in Larbert.
  2. LOCKE

    Brembo or Renault Brake Discs?

    I went for R26.R discs all round.
  3. LOCKE

    LY MK3 197

    Looking good mate.
  4. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    80k miles, track use. Over £7k Think I’ll hold on to mine!
  5. LOCKE

    Newbie - Old Time Owner of a R27

    Looking smart.
  6. LOCKE

    New to the forum just got a Black 197

    Welcome in.
  7. LOCKE

    Clio 3 RS F1 Team R27 Meglio

    Definitely a Renault fan then!
  8. LOCKE

    197 from QLD - Australia

    Welcome in
  9. LOCKE

    Addy's RB 200 Project

    Renault parts prices confuse me, the things you think will be cheap are expensive and vice versa.
  10. LOCKE

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Cracking car you guys are building. When you were changing the brake fluid you should have also bled the clutch, most people overlook this job.
  11. LOCKE

    Addy's RB 200 Project

    8200310771 window washer tube
  12. LOCKE

    First 197 after MANY 1*2's

    I owned a 182 for years and I feel the 197 is a different car altogether.
  13. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    PCP has its place. If it works for you then great. The reason new cars are so expensive is because the manufacturers know if you had £30k in your hand to buy a car you wouldn’t part with your cash because the depreciation is awful. Back in the 90s if you owned a German car you were doing well or...
  14. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    The thing with the Fords is that the folk that owned them or wanted them at the time are now at the stage in there life to restore or buy a decent one now that the family is grown up, mortgage paid off etc. Lockdown has had a lot to do with it as well. Folk not going out to eat, drink go on...
  15. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    I fully understand that the rarity of car pushes the price up. I also understand that most people don’t ‘get’ Renault cars - reliability, under powered compared to its rivals etc so that makes your buyers market smaller. Also PCP deals make Premium cars easily affordable. Why pay £10k plus on an...
  16. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    Prices are subjective, what I think is worth £££ the majority may not. If you can stick a price on a car and can hold it for months then you will get a buyer. At the time I bought mine I paid top dollar, do I regret it? Not one bit. I never bought my car with the intention of making money on it...
  17. LOCKE

    Clean 197

    Looks mint.
  18. LOCKE

    A Bit Overpriced?

    Still got my R27 just turned 22k miles. I’ve had a couple of offers but it’s not for sale.
  19. LOCKE

    NG 197 with R27 Kit

    Genuine rear spoiler has the Renault sport logo imprinted on the underside. You would see it when opening the boot.