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    Clio 3 RS F1 Team R27 Meglio - it will be a trackcar

    A wonderful job you are doing young man. Have you considered having the air filter in the nearside wheel arch?. Gives you a lot more room under the bonnet, and of course, the air is cooler. Mine has been in this area for a couple of years, survived downpours/standing water, and never had a...
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    Swapping Clocks/speedo

    I had to swap clocks just before the MOT, as the original were Kaput. Originals on 76,000, old clock for mot 112,000.I have had the original repaired, so will put them back. MOT history will look a bit odd, but the spare clock will go with the car if its ever sold.
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    Battery Relocation

    I moved the Standard battery to the boot well. You don't need a kit. Cut off switch/trickle charger hookup under bonnet/plus power cable to boot/short neg cable/ battery box/batt fittings as needed, all from Ebay.
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    Electrical problem 197

    First thing, check Battery/ and all earth connections. I had similar on a 197, and mine was earth connection.
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    Brake Pads - PBS or DS1.1

    I am running Winmax W5 on road and track, and never had a problem. They are more progressive than the DS1.11, but the DS bite harder initially. The W5 are lasting longer, so I might try W6 next. With respect, get on the brakes hard, get off, don't linger, I have never experienced...
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    Stuck window

    Cheap one off Ebay will work, but you lose a couple of functions.
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    Clio 197 alarm problems

    I use a small puller to remove wipers, buy them on Ebay for a few quid, makes the job easy.
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    Planning a Clio 3 RS 197

    Welcome Ron, I had a 197, with a Megane 250 engine, running 320bhp, great fun. Keep us posted on how you progress.
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    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Many congrats Mr/Mrs Beany. Bring the baby to track days, start them young.
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    Meglio Starter Motor

    You could use the 225 or250 box, 225 box bolts straight on, the 250 needs some cutting of metal to fit, its not worth the bother.Mine used the 225 starter motor.
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    Unas fotos de mi 197 y sus amigos

    Keep the photos coming. How are the cars so clean?. Snow here in sunny Scotland as well.
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    Middle East Megalio

    Hi again Abdulla, hope you are all staying safe out there. My Meglio,( Now Sold, now have R26 360bhp.) had overheating problems, Not cured, even by vents and grill removal. I found,Radiator fan, was the wrong way around, trying to blow air from the engine compartment, back through the Rad...
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    Water in door pockets

    I had this same trouble, fixed by removing the door speaker and resealing it. I also drilled holed in the bottom of the doors, and I never had another problem.
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    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    SOLD. Bought R26 Forged running 360BHP.At 80 years old, I really must grow up.
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    R26 battery cutoff switch

    For everyday used, i fitted a cutoff switch, by interrupting the negative terminal, and at the same time, moved battery to boot.
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    Remove sound proofing?

    I am replacing some of the sound proofing, as tracks are a long way for me,( SPA 1200miles), and at 80 years old, I need to preserve any hearing I have left!.
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    N/a track car Vs 225 conversion

    My meglio has rear seats/belts removed, coilovers etc., but kept air con. I don't try and compete on track days,( 80 years old, I got over that many years ago!) but drive quick enough, meets lots of people, and drive home at the end of the day.. As already stated, it depends on what you want...
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    Gear linkage difference

    My Meglio with the 225 box, uses the 225 cables.
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    Middle East Megalio

    Abdulla, lovely car and welcome to the Meglio club. I run a Clio 197, with the 250 engine, putting out 320bhp.If you ever travel to Europe, come and visit Sunny Scotland. Keep us updated on your progress.
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    Matt's track/nurburgring RS250 Clio f1

    If that is not a Meglio, then it should be!. Time to get the spanners out.