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  1. Gearytez

    Phase 1 Passenger DRL

    Just found the paperwork, the part number is R26 60 561 59R and it was £118.54 including VAT
  2. Gearytez

    Phase 1 Passenger DRL

    Sorry pal, i haven't been online for a while it was just over £118 for the DRL unit through bristol street motors Renault
  3. Gearytez

    Phase 1 Passenger DRL

    The light was cracked underneath and missing the blue dot sticker so the whole unit was corroded. Got a replacement through Renault and managed to sort it brakes and balljoint now though ‍♂️
  4. Gearytez

    Phase 1 Passenger DRL

    Hi guys, can anyone help? I'm in desperate need for a nearside DRL it seems. Just took the bumper off to fit the missing loom and found the light itself doesn't work, which says to me that is the reason the previous owner removed the loom in the first place Also I'm not sure if not having these...
  5. Gearytez


    How easy is it to fit the loom for the front DRL's ? I'm assuming it's a bumper off job and wondering how much of a ballache it is. I found one video on youtube but its not brilliant as you can barely hear the guy TIA
  6. Gearytez

    New member

    I have a cup spoiler for sale if it helps at all? Also a pair of Heko wind deflectors