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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    Yup depending who had them in stock either Renault directly or I tend to use k tec racing ALOT lol
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    So havnt been on here in ages just thought I'd get back to posting :) not a lot has changed with the Clio just been enjoying it serviced it and 4 new tyres other than that this winter I've been saving money trying not to spend to much as going to take a trip to ktec and get it mapped and set up...
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    Harry's Black 197. Quick clean 22/02/14

    Interior look great. Of topic but noticed you had the rest for your left foot.... I need one lol was it just out of Renault?
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    Renault Sport Racing Blue Cup 197 with white wheels...

    Looks great those wheels look great in white against the blue
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    Spacers with cup racer wheels...?

    Of coarse one could squeeze on 25's :) I'm running 25's all round on cup racer wheels and no problems :)
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    So just gone and ordered myself a wee induction kit :) I've heard good reviews on it so far compared to any others. So that's another step closer to a remap :) want to get things perfect before the map :)
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    Spanish 197 Glacier White Cup

    well I love white on white :) it just works :p haha Don't like the white end plates on the spoiler though
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    GW 197 Cup - Corbeau Bucket Seat

    Awesome choice of seat. :) a lot of work though but worth it in the end by the looks of things. And the last pic on the track is unreal love it!!! Looks slammed lol
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    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    slam it!! :p I can still get mine over any speed bump I've came across lol but for fast driving yes it scrapes lol looks cracking at night though throwing up a few sparks off the road :p
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    cheers lads for the comments :) happy with the way it looks atm but really having bad thoughts of changing the wheel colour and doing something like red...? Thoughts? Any one on here handy with photoshop... Want to take one of my pics and put red wheels on for me? :)
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    white white white.. BM & my RS 200 - Arty farty pics

    great photos :) both cars looking excellent but the Clio in GW does it for me every time :)
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    thanks for the comments :) I was the same when I fitted them I didn't like them at all but they have grown on me think they tie in with the splitter nicely the more I look at them :) yea I'm not sure if I can really call mine v1's any more lol yea got shorter stiffer springs for the rear :)...
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    So took a wee pic of he brakes and tyre before I put the side skirts on. Pics of side skirts as promised :) Excuse the iPhone pics lol
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    GW Clio with black roof

    wouldn't be to my taste
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    Pearl White 200 Bank Holiday - Beach pics.

    Agreed love the first pic :) makes me miss my black wheels lol
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    thanks :) I do prefer it clean though :)
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    Okay so update with pics :) car passed mot. so I got a new splitter on and also got the side skirts on pics of them to follow. The front end got a overhaul with new bearings and bushings along with new ktr groved discs and ferodo 2500 pads. The back also got new pads and discs. Also treated her...
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    they are powdercoated white :) not painted no there not the exact same GW white as the car but doesn't bother me. side skirts are on along with another new splitter :) car was off the road for a while there getting it ready for m.o.t so ive a full years on her now so I can now continue...
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    Clio's and Snow

    She's on coilovers :) and yes was pretty dirty water tap out side at home was froze couldn't get it washed lol