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    RalphyBMW's new toy

    As some may know, I sold my 197 at the beginning of the year; I put on the market in late 2011 in the hope of buying a Z4 or Boxster before the spring. While the Clio was on the market I acquired an old Focus to smoke around in so that the Clio stayed presentable for anyone wanting to view...
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    197: Buyers Guide

    Wrote this a while back for PFC, but they never even replied so here it is for public consumption. At its launch in 2006 the Clio 197 was met with almost universal praise from the British motoring press as here was a quick little hatch that felt much more mature than its 1*2 predecessors...
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    Change brake discs, how to?

    Hi need to swap the front discs on my car, am I right in thinking that the caliper needs to be removed, and if so what size are the hex bolts for removing them? Thanks in advance!
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    Difficult decision

    So the Clio is currently in a very good state of health, driving better than it has for some time, literally driving like a new car. While this is of course good news, the downside is that I think I might be afraid of giving it more track abuse. I am considering buying a more "disposable"...
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    Changing brake fluid - affect clutch performance?

    As per title really, if you overheat your brake fluid, will this have an impact on clutch performance? I am really trying to find a reason for the difficult downchanges experienced when pressing on; driving gently it is generally fine but when you try to rush it things don't go so well...
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    197 Vs 200 Cup - different toe settings?

    Does anyone know for sure if the toe settings on the 200 Cup are different to the 197 Cup? Got my 200 Cup steering rack fitted yesterday, took the car for alignment today but the place doing the alignment didn't have anything post 2008, so the toe was set as a 197 Cup [Extreme Add-on...
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    Monday/Tuesday morning, Wakefield, White 197, LY R27

    Can't honestly remember if it was Monday or Tuesday, both around Middlestown / Horbury area, white 58 plate 197, Cup chassis, xenons, also a LY R27 with black wheels, didn't get a good look at it.
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    Replace gear linkage cables - difficult?

    Given my cars mileage (91k) and the fact that I understand the gear linkage cables can stretch, I was going to replace them - any idea how tricky this is? Is there any adjustment in the cables rather than just replacing them? I do have some spares from a low mileage car but adjustment would...
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    RenaultSport Reg Plates

    As I didn't want to drill my recently repainted bumpers I needed to get some new plates. The previous supplier couldn't do them with the RenaultSport logo so I had to find an alternative. I received these in the post today; Quality seems good, price was £27.90 inc. postage. The only...
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    Gold Privileges

    I think I recently lost my gold privileges, notably my PM box became over full by around 100 messages, could someone look into it? Thanks, Will
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    Where to mount a video camera?

    I have recently purchased one of these; which is great, nifty little thing, but I can't work out where to mount it on the Clio. I had planned on mounting it under the front reg plate but there isn't sufficient depth, so if I wanted to do that then I...
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    LY R27 M180 57 plate

    Lady driver Harratts Pontefract plates Looked like a nice R27
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    General Chat 197: and 200: prefixes, are they really necessary?

    While the General Clio chat section is much more sensible than two separate ones, I question the benefit of the different prefixes. Most people don't use them. Many of those that do, only use them because their car is one or the other, but their post is equally relevant to either. With...
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    Headlamp washers, which way around?

    The washer nozzles are handed, but I am paranoid that I have fitted mine the wrong way around after getting the bumper painted, should they point in, or out? Any pics of someone elses to confirm? TVM!
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    Length of Renault badge

    My car is at home, I am not, I was wondering is someone with the 197/early 200 Renault Sport badge would mind measuring the height and length of it for me? Thanks in advance!
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    Two in Leeds last night

    Spotted two last night in Leeds, firstly a RB 197, think it was a 58 plate, on Lady Lane, probably around 9.30-10, the other was an albi 200 on either Park Place or St. Pauls St, probably around the same time. I also spotted an albi 197 on Park Square East, but then realised it was mine, and...
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    Corsa VXR Nurburgring - 202PS, bespoke bilsteins, LSD, Brembos... Sounds pretty impressive, not cheap though!
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    Very white or LED number plate bulbs

    Anyone got any recommendations?
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    Best wheels / colour for Albi Blue cup?

    Currently have anthracite 12 spoke raiders, which I never really liked with silver brakes, but now really love with the red ones, unfortunately I have a small chip on one and a scuff on another, so am considering going for something different. I have a set of gloss black Speedlines which I...
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    Dog bone engine mount, is it easy to change?

    Looking at the underside of the car, the dog bone mount would appear to be straightforward to replace, aside from access being a bit tricky, is it as easy as it looks? Do you need to rock the engine forward to get it out / get the new one in? Any hints / tips? TIA