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    ABS/ESP Lights On

    Well, problem found. I noticed a slight imperfection in the ring on the rear drivers side in the above pics so took it off, all my focus until now had been the other side as that what the original code pointed to. Pretty shocked to find this: The sensor bracket doesn't look bad though, and...
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    ABS/ESP Lights On

    I think I need to get it on a proper diag system, these are the rear sensors, just took them now before work, the air gap looks ok I think:
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    ABS/ESP Lights On

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't remove the rings so don't think I'll have disturbed any gaps. The C1043 code has been resolved with the new sensor but I have the new code now C102F. I thought my sensor brackets looked in fairly good shape but everything I read online keeps coming back to...
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    ABS/ESP Lights On

    I changed the rear discs and pads at the weekend using genuine Renault parts and when driving off had a light on the dash for ABS/ESP. I scanned it and the code was C1043 with a generic scanning app. Which identified as rear left abs sensor. Pulled it apart and all looked good, the sensor...
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    Door Handles (exterior)

    Awesome, thank you!
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    Door Handles (exterior)

    Are the exterior door handles the same part either side on the 200?
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    "Prasco" ebay projector headlights for 200

    How are the Prasco headlights holding up for people, I saw @Slint post about them leaking?
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    Top mounts - Silver Project or Compbrake

    I would be surprised if you manage to change the top mounts without pulling the strut, from what I can remember it would be possible if you can manoeuvre the old ones out and new ones back in. Getting the strut out is a fun job, the pinch bolts weld themselves in, as does the strut itself.
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    Rear Screen Washer - Non-return valve location

    Does anyone know where the non return valve is on the rear washer pipe, is it part of the motor or in-line somewhere? Mine isn't working, which means the time to feed water is a good few seconds. Thanks!