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  1. Jason

    200: Storm Grey

    Quick poll.. Which of these photos most looks like Storm Grey in "real life" I'm looking to buy Storm Grey however, I've not actually seen one in the flesh. some of the photos look awesome with others looking horrific, I don't want to hold out for Storm Grey and it look **** when I see it. Hit...
  2. Jason

    DA60 XRS (Storm Grey) Info

    Just looking for some info on this, it's had a few owners on forums now (withoutabix, Chris_200CUP & Matt) I belive Matt might be the latest? All owners seem to have had it for a really short period of time, it must be on at least its 4th owner now with the potential owner being the 5th. I was...
  3. Jason

    200 or 200T?

    Hey guys, some may – or may not know but I've been on here previously and had my fair share of RS Clios. After moving out to Manchester I had to sell my beloved LY 200 and have been driving my girlfriends white 1.2 Ford KA (the new horrible girly bubble ones) for the past 9 months. It's safe to...
  4. Jason

    LY 200 Sheffield

    Spotted this morning near the rail station.
  5. Jason

    Albi Blue 200 PFi Kart Circuit

    I think I've spotted you before, but just posting again. You was parked in the second paddock.
  6. Jason

    White 197 Tesco Clowne

    Spotted today around half 2/3 anyone on here?
  7. Jason

    White 200 CUP jct 30 M1

    Just going around the rounabout towards killamarsh/renishaw way. I was just going onto the roundabout from the Barlborough side, not sure if you saw me.
  8. Jason

    Liquid Yellow, M1 Northbound

    One of my friends spotted it and though it was me, would have most probably been around the sheffield area.
  9. Jason

    Albi 200 Uxbridge

    Spotted NYE (I think) a guy driving. We were on the way to Chimes.
  10. Jason

    Meadowhall RB 200

    Around about 2ish? Was going towards tinsley viaduct.
  11. Jason

    White 200 Sheffield Parkway (Ponds Forge)

    White 200, 3PM Today standard kit from what I saw. We were in a Black Corsa D at the lights beside ponds forge.
  12. Jason

    Albi Blue 197 Sheffield Bramall Lane roundabout

    197 or 200 spotted at 11am on Bramall lane roundabout, just saw you leaving the roundabout going towards the rail station as I came to it.
  13. Jason

    Silver 200 - Sheffield Rail Station

    Spotted at the last minute this morning whilst I was making my way home so didn't get chance to have a proper look.
  14. Jason

    Fernandez in Stavely (pic)

    One of my friends tweeted a photo of you at the gym (I believe) from a few days ago.
  15. Jason

    Albi Blue 197 - Dronfield

    Spotted yesterday after I was dropping some work off, parked up on the road going towards eckington etc
  16. Jason

    Red 200 worksop

    I've no idea where it is, but I saw you on the road towards the motorway past the Shell Garage. :oops: I gave you a flash really late on.
  17. Jason

    Why can't someone make a good bulb changing tutorial!?!?

    Its absolute hell. I've not even got to the passenger side yet, I've got the headlight bulb out, but it wont for the hell of it go in. I'm trying to remember how i did my old 197 but I can't. Is it the clio that has the clip holding the bulb on? Can someone point me or instruct me to a decent...
  18. Jason

    Engine light on Check Emissions

    Was leaving home at low speed, cold engine just now and the car started spluttering, almost cutting out for about 5-10 seconds, cleared up and then a minute-or-so later the spanner came on. Parked it up, turned it off, turned it back on and put it in neutral and revved it a few times, didn't...
  19. Jason

    Red 197, Bolsover 3PM Today

    Old woman driving, so doubtful she'll be on here, but worth a try!
  20. Jason

    RB 197 Matlock

    Both saw eachother, I flashed, you did thumbs/horn. Presume it was someone on here?