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  1. John Gordon

    New wheels and brake clearance.

    Hi, I've decided I'd like a new set of wheels and I fancy something I've not seen before. I've settled on a set of wheels, but the closest size I can find in this wheel is 7.5J x 17 ET 40 - 5x108 Centre Bore 76. I've no doubt that these will fit with spigot rings. But, at the same time, I'm...
  2. John Gordon

    Iracing lemans 24 hour

    One of my team mates is streaming our attempt at the 24 hour. We have two cars entered, both 911 rsr. Thought i'd share the link in case anyone fancied a nosey.
  3. John Gordon

    Megane engine problem.

    Hi, My 230 engine suffers from a problem. If I drive the car and get the engine up to temp, then for example; stop at a shop for a short while, allowing the engine to cool slightly then the problem occurs. Once I restart the car, I will have a misfire/loss of power in the first minute or two...
  4. John Gordon

    SteC pipework, intercooler and intake

    I've seen this name come up a few times on the forum and I've read that the intercooler is more efficient than for example the Airtec one's (and cheaper?) How do I order them or get details? I've searched Google and I can't find anything. Cheers
  5. John Gordon

    CAE Shifter - Megane 225 conversion

    Hi, How would this work? Would you have to fit the 225 version of the shifter or the 197 version? From what I can see the cables would not work from the 197 version and the Megane version won't fit the shell? I'll be running the Megane R26 gearbox.
  6. John Gordon

    Clutch malfunctioning.

    Got a weird one. I've had this happen a few times but very rarely. I go to park in the carpark at home. I'm in 1st gear and gently brake whilst grabbing the clutch for reverse. The clutch pedal suddenly loses pressure and car gets stuck in gear. I usually have to quickly kill the ignition to...
  7. John Gordon

    Bottom ball joint?

    Hi, Developed a wondering car when letting off throttle on the dual carriageway. I jacked the car up and I have a fair bit of play with my hands at quarter to three and some but less play with my hands at half twelve. Is that bottom ball joint play? Thanks
  8. John Gordon

    Cold Start - Diesel Sounding Knock

    Hi, Prepping the Clio for Spa later this month. I've noticed on Cold Startup the engine has a kinda diesel sounding knock which seems to be near the top of the engine. When the engine is up to temp it's gone and instead, you can hear the injectors ticking. Is this likely to be piston slap...
  9. John Gordon

    Engine rotation.

    This is probably a dumb sounding question but I just want to make sure, cam pulley side, what is the engine rotation, Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise? Cheers
  10. John Gordon

    Can anyone identify this Disk/Bell set?

    Someone I know is selling them and I want to work out how much it will be for replacement disks in the future. Thanks John
  11. John Gordon

    New problem (Yay!!)

    So, had to brake pretty hard today to avoid a wayward cyclist, was hard enough to throw the hazard lights on. I then went to change gear to pull off again and I had no clutch! The gear lever would not move. There was no hydraulic pressure in the clutch. I pumped clutch pedal a few times and it...
  12. John Gordon

    Doing the cambelt myself.

    Hi, So, in an effort to cut costs and get to know my car better, I've decided to start doing all the work myself. I've ordered a cambelt kit, Dephaser and water pump ready for the change. I've read the official PDF, and I think I have made sense of it, can you lot just confirm I've got my...
  13. John Gordon

    Engine fault.

    Hi, Clio has been down on power for a while. Feel's like the VVT is not functioning. When over 4500 RPM the induction noise now sounds like I have an open filter. I've had an engine warning light on and the status "Check Exhaust" (My car is German, this is what it translates to). I've had...
  14. John Gordon

    Cambelt kit on EBAY, seem's too cheap?

    Hi, I've seen the above on EBAY. Seem's very cheap compared to other similar kits. Does that all look right? (As in genuine?) Thanks
  15. John Gordon

    Strange metallic sound, can't work out what it is.

    Hi, My car has developed a weird sound as if something is loose (Metallic tinkling noise). It does not happen all the time but I managed to capture it on the vid. Does anyone know what it may be? Thanks
  16. John Gordon

    Weird clunk when turning off engine.

    Hi, When I switch off my engine I get a weird clunk or a deep clicking noise on the Campbelt side if the engine. Sometimes (maybe once a month) I get the noise on startup and it repeats like a knock. Any idea what it could be without having to make a video first?
  17. John Gordon

    Just thinking out loud. (engine swap)

    Hi, has anyone ever looked at fitting the Nissan MR engine and the Getrag box from the 200t to an older 197/200 Chassis. Everything is doable if you have the money..sure, but how close are the mounting points etc? Just curious and thinking out loud. Currently torn between selling mine and...
  18. John Gordon

    Spa Trackday. Vid. One of a few vids from today. Sorry for the gibbering, I cant be bothered to edit videos.
  19. John Gordon

    How to de-activate hazard lights on hard braking.

    Hi, Been having a play with the Clio since having the new suspension fitted. I notice that on some pretty heavy braking zones I am greeted with the car activating its hazard lights. How can I turn this function off? John
  20. John Gordon

    Renaultsport R27 0465

    Hi, thought I would introduce you to my little Clio. Never made a project thread before, however I have some big plans for it so I thought it may be cool to document it. So, last month I decided it was time to get rid of the old shed. My faithful PH1.... I wanted to stay with the hot...