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  1. jamesrobinson

    Boot lid rust

    I've got the same issue. It appears that either the glass drops slightly over time, or was originally fitted marginally too low in some cars (you can visually see a difference in the glass alignment between cars), this alignment then traps water. The bodyshops I've contacted (so far) don't seem...
  2. jamesrobinson

    197 Cup Hillclimbing Car

    Thanks for sharing Geoff. Your car look spot on in the flesh too.
  3. jamesrobinson

    Old owner re-joining

    Update. Sorted, now a proud owner of a 2007 197. Have done the driving school at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb, which was great. First competition on 3rd July :)
  4. jamesrobinson

    Tow eye/strap

    Just ordered a Zero Point One extender for the front. Drilled the rear bumper this afternoon and using M20 threaded bar with an eye the tow eye + heavy duty carabiner + Sparco tow strap. Zero Point One have a solution for the rear too, so may upgrade at some point.
  5. jamesrobinson

    Old owner re-joining

    Just to say hello. I owned a 172 Cup back in the day and I'm now looking for a 197/200 to keep road-legal but use as a hillclimb car.